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Thread: How Do You Rank the Seasons?

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    Default How Do You Rank the Seasons?

    We've done this a few times, but it's good fun and opinions always change. Season 10 can probably be included in our lists now as well. Simply order from most favourite to least favourite the seasons of Smallville.

    There is also a poll to vote for your number one choice, while below you can state the rest. For me, my list probably looks liked this:
    8, 9, 7, 10, 4, 5, 2, 1, 6, 3.

    If you want, also feel free to comment on why you liked certain ones. Characters/plot/themes/etc.
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    I have issues with this because there are now four PHENOMENAL seasons that I struggle to choose between: season 4, 6, 8, and 10. I did vote for season 10 because, while we may only be 11 episodes in, there has only been one episode that I wasn't fond of ("Patriot" - but it is redeemed, somewhat, for its sucktastic Aquaman and his Bitchy Wife by Tess/Lois being hilarious and awesome) and that's something that the other seasons cannot say for themselves (most other seasons have at least two clunkers in the first eleven episodes). Plus, I haven't been so thoroughly excited by a season of "Smallville" in a long time and, even then, there were always those episodes coming down the line that I dreaded. Right now, I'm SO pumped for the rest of the season since EVERY episode sounds thrilling and amazing.

    Long ramble short, here's my list in order from number one favorite to least favorite.

    Season 10 - epic. thrilling. perfect except for stupid Aquaman who ruins everything.
    Season 8 - a really exciting season. loved the story arc. perfect intro of Tess AND Davis
    Season 4 - great seasonal arc. BADASS KRISTIN KREUK AS ISOBEL. perfect finale.
    Season 6 - a surprisingly emotional season, for me. many highlights. great character work.
    Season 7 - i loved the Veritas arc and Clark/Lana actually worked for me as a couple.
    Season 3 - really dark. crazy Lex was a thrill ride. very grounded compared to other seasons.
    Season 5 - strong slew of episodes in beginning and end. great 100th episode.
    Season 9 - great, in theory, story arc that was drawn out too much. great standalones.
    Season 2 - campy but fun, there wasn't much coherence in the season.
    Season 1 - no real coherence in the season but the show was finding its feet.
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    Smallville is a classic case of writing inconsistency gone amok. Seasons 4-7 the producers never knew if they were going to be canceled each year so 1/2 way though the season they threw up a bunch of moronic, awful stand-alones while waiting for renewal news. Then they'd end the season with a mess. I love Clark Kent, the Kents, Lois Lane, and all things homage to Superman. I loathe Lana. These facts greatly influence my ratings.

    Best - Worst

    9 - The producers went into the season wanting a season 10 and they arced the entire season as if they were getting renewed. Result, the series had an amazingly, well-paced, story/action driven season. Clark really came front and center, they had the best villain that they've ever had on the series, and Lois finally received her dues and got real development. The whole season had great story and FX. Best episodes, "Metallo," "Idol," "Pandora," "CrossFire," "Absolute Justice," "Persuasion," "Kandor," "Charade," and "Salvation."

    10 - So far this year has been consistently great. I've been enjoying the slow burn of showing Darkseid's influence, w/o feeling the need to throw him in our face each episode. I think we might have a few too many friendly faces returning, but overall, again, it's been a wonderfully Clark-centric season. I've also enjoyed the amount of time that they've given to finally giving some real meat to Tess's character. I've enjoyed every episode. Best Episodes so far, "Homecoming," "Ambush," "Harvest," "Abandoned," "Icarus," and "Luthor."

    4 - The introduction of Lois Lane brought fresh air to the series - Crusade/Gone are 2 of my favorite eps. I love season 4, we got our first glimpses into Lois & Clark working as a team. The return (and demise) of Alicia Baker, the beginning of intros of JLA members, and lots of great Kent & Luthor goodness. I FF through the entire Lana arc, it bores me to no end. Best episodes, "Crusade/Gone," "Transference," "Run," "Jinx," "Unsafe/Pariah," "Recruit," "Krypto," and "Commencement."

    3 - Probably the best 2 part opening for a season ever - "Exile/Phoenix" we got to see a whole different side of Clark which from early on allowed Tom to stretch his acting chops. Three had tons of great Luthor angst. Season 3 had lots of great stand-alones, "Perry," "Memoria," "Delete," "Whisper," and the last Christopher Reeve episode "Legacy."

    5 - Season 5 was a mess, however, the mess was punctuated by a handful of really great episodes. I also really enjoyed Jonathan's run for Senator. "Aqua" - the writing was corny, but the episode allowed for new action sequences and we got to see Clark all bristly against AC. "Exposed" is one of my favorite eps of all time, it's a great homage to Superman with the helicopter scene and extremely Lois/Clark centric in their investigation, also it had the Dukes reunion. Other fav eps, "Fade," "Fragile," "Reckoning," "Hypnotic," "Tomb," and "Oracle."

    6 - Six had the potential of being one of the best seasons of the entire series. The first 1/2 crafted by Steven De Knight was freaking brilliant w/ the introduction of Oliver Queen and the JLA arc being front and center. The show actually brought fanboys back, it was enjoying high ratings, then Millar/Gough took over the second 1/2 and mired the entire season in soapy angst. The ratings plummeted again when they took away Clark's balls and the whole season was shot to hell. I base my ranking entirely on the first 1/2 of the season and a couple of eps from the back half. Best episodes: "Zod," "Sneeze," "Arrow," "Reunion," "Rage," "Hydro," "Justice," "Crimson," and "Prototype." I also love "Noir" - how can I not? Lana got shot twice in it, one time by Clark

    8 - Season 8 was unbalanced. I don't mind Chloe but the Chloe/Jimmy/Doomy triangle just didn't interest me and it took up too much of the season. Lana's return was highly unappreciated also. Having both Lois and Jimmy gone for a huge chunk in the middle of the season left it really uneven. Result the front end of the season rocked, the back end bored me to tears. At least Clark finally started working at The Daily Planet and we did get to see Martian Manhunter in a few episodes. Best episodes, "Odyssey," "Plastique," "Committed," "Prey," "Identity," "Bloodline," "Hex," "Stiletto," and "Infamous."

    2 - Season 2 is punctured by a few outstanding episodes. "Heat" - which might be one of the funniest eps of all time, "Rosetta" - the first Christopher Reeve ep and where Clark learns his heritage, "Skinwalkers," and "Red." Other than that the season doesn't interest me that much.

    1 - Tons of freak of the week types of episodes. Too much high school angst. I love the "Pilot" and "X-Ray" is great (I love Tina Greer) but overall season 1 doesn't interest me much.

    7 - Season 7 is the biggest mess of all of the seasons combined. Millar/Gough had zero vision for the series when they started this year. They flat out lied to everyone at Comic Con saying that Oliver would be back w/ a cool storyline...he only showed up for one episode. They only brought Supergirl onto the show hoping that they would get a spin off. Once WB confirmed that wouldn't happen - they wrote her off of the show. Nice, huh? Too much Lana worship, Clark was creepy and weird for the first 1/2 of the season and had zero purpose. He was written completely OOC - he let Lana get away w/ Kidnapping and theft w/o blinking an eye of disapproval. Lex was non-existent (is it any wonder Michael couldn't wait to get off of the show?) Lois only had cameo appearances. Let's also not forget horrible, blatant product placement - this should've been the "Stride Gum" season. Kara really was the only shining light in this god awful year. Best eps "Bizarro," "Kara," "Gemini," "Siren," "Descent," and "Apocalypse." The best thing about Season 7 was that Millar/Gough quit the series after the writers strike ended.
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    What an extremely difficult question!

    Season 4
    - I think this is my favorite. I love all the high school stuff(homecoming, prom, graduation), Clark becoming a star football player, the introduction of Lois, Lana as Isobel. Arc and standalones are all stellar. It's been 3 years since I've seen this season or I'd ramble more.

    Season 8
    - This season comes close. I adore Sam Witwer as Davis. I knew I'd love him and I did. I love the tragedy of someone on the outside meeting someone who he believes finally invites him in only to never truly be invited him. When Davis is killed by Faora, it's so tragic that everyone else was outside thinking what a close call saving Lois and glad we're all okay. It's a great picture of being alone. I hoped a little more out the ending of the character but still it was always supposed to be tragic. Chloe's slow infection of Brainiac is intense and made all the more heartbreaking of Oliver being the one seeing it all along but being held off because of his loyalty to Clark and Chloe's relationship. The addition of Oliver to the cast brought a whole new dimensionality to Clark. Oliver was the embracing helping others while Clark was only focusing on helping those closest to him. I love the Oliver/Clark brotherly relationship that Clark and Lex always tried to be but their equal distrust prevented. And I absolutely adore the naming of Clark as the Red Blue Blur. And Tess is a great villainess.

    Season 9
    - This is a tough pick, but the show finally embraced Chlollie as being real so that kinda rules all for me. I am moved by the infinite sadness of Oliver over his failure to save Jimmy, his murder of Lex, and Clark's blame. I also enjoy the time travel aspect of the first half of the season. Zod's a pretty solid villain and his deceiving of Clark is interesting. There's plenty of downs to this season. The filming quality takes an turn from brightness to murkiness. And special effects are not remotely in the realm they used to be. I'm also disappointed by how little Chloe has in this season and although Lois gets more, I don't think it's used as well as it could be.

    Season 6
    - Great start to the season with Oliver introduction. The characters had gotten so familiar with each other, having someone new created a great dynamic. I loved the Lex/Lana stuff although I was disappointed in how it ended up. Really a great season that made SV one of my shows to regularly watch!

    Season 2 & 3 (combined together) - I watched these back to back on dvd while watching S7 air, so they kinda blend together as really good, but not as emotional as the later seasons to me. I'm not a general fan of Superman mythology so perhaps if I had watched

    Season 7 - As always a great start to the season. The Krypton storyline and Kara. I also enjoyed Grant and the Lex cloning storyline. I don't think the Veritas storyline did much for me although it was probably suspensful watching it unfold. I haven't rewatched the last half of this season to better remember.

    Season 1 - It was cute, but it was slow compared to the pacing of later seasons. The Lana/Whitney stuff is kinda painful. I really don't remember this season.

    Season 5 - The first half of the season is pretty good with thrilling or just fun eps like Lexmas, Arrival, Thirst, Exposed, Hidden, Mortal. But I don't enjoy James Marsters Brainiac character at all. Completely painful for me. This is the first season I watched as it aired. (I'd watched some of S1 but got distracted with other stuff and stopped watching). But I was living near my mom who is a big fan of Smallville (and Superman) so I wanted to watch the show to share something with her. But I was hugely disappointed in the 100th episode rewinding time to save Lana. It felt cheap to take away something unexpected and replace it with losing his father (beautiful funeral though). I think Tomb was the last episode I watched before just giving up. Upon hearing that Justin Hartley was appearing in S6 I decided to give the show a 3rd chance, and, I managed to catch the S5 finale before the S6 premiere.I tried rewatching S5 when I started my massive watch of the show during S7 but again got bored after Lexmas and never completed.

    I think I would rank the first half of S5 just after S6, but the fact I can't seem to finish it makes me have to rank it last. So ranking S10 after just a first half seems a little early although I'd rank it up there around S9.

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    Here are my rankings so far!

    1) Season 10 - I know some ppl are going to think I'm overrating this but so far I think season 10 tops all of them even if we're only half way through the season. I really like Clark's progression this season especially after Homecoming which IMO is one of the best episodes of the entire series. Most of the episodes have been good along with 3 great ones and dispite a few fillers (Isis/Harvest) there were huge things that happened @ the end of those episodes. The other two great episodes would have to be Luthor and Icarus. I also love how the Clois relationship is building up and I thought the proposal in Icarus was very sweet and romantic.

    I'm also waiting to see were they go with the Darkseid arc as well as the Clone Lex and AU Lionel arcs as well because both look very promising. Zod is also coming back which I'm excited for but hope it doesn't cluster the second half too much. Just hopefully the Chloe arc doesn't ruin this wonderful season for me much like the Lana AOS did in season 8.

    2) Season 9 - this definately made up for the train wreck that was the second half of season 8. You had some good eps like Metallo, Rabid, Echo, and Crossfire but S9 really started to hit it's stride with Kandor. I enjoyed Absolute Justice as well as Salvation. Clark really started to embrace his destiny more and started to take steps with a relationship with Lois. Zod was just pure awesomeness and is one of the greatest villians on the show. I also enjoyed the many guest stars for this season as well as Martha and Perry returning as well as some of the Kandorians. And who didn't like Vala being held in that freezing container in nothing but her white bra and panties?

    Overall great season with a great finish with the Clark/Zod battle with an excellent cliffhanger. Definately one of the best seasons in my book.

    3) Season 3 - out of the original three seasons, this one stands out the most to me. Exile and Phoenix was an excellent two parter opening. We got to see Perry White and the Lex stuff was really cool especially Michael Rosenbaum's brillant perfromance in Shattered. Asylum was a fun episode to watch and we got the introduction of Alicia Baker!

    Of course how can I forget Christopher Reeve's final apperence on the show with Legacy. It's always a treat to see him on there dispite being in only two episodes. Truth, Memoria, and Talisman were also very good and it great cliffhanger with Covenant. I just wish they continued with the Clark and Lana relationship which was still pretty hot at the time and futher delveloped it instead of this whole on again, off again BS which turned it into the train wreck that it became. But still overall, I loved this season for a number of reasons.

    4) Season 4 - perhaps the ONLY season to have a great season premiere and great season finale (Crusade/Commencement). We also got the introduction of Lois Lane which she did bring some of the fun this season had. Though I thought she a kinda annoying @ first and no way in hell did I think her and Clark would ever get together since they were mismatched. Amen to S8-10 for fixing that. I also loved the return of Alicia Baker but I hated how she was axed. The injustice they did to her character was just wrong and Pariah does ruin the season a little for me as well as Clark just forgetting all about her in the next episode. So lame! But it was nice to see Clark happy in a relationship while it lasted. I wish they would have continued with Clark and Alicia's arc when they clearly weren't doing anything with Clana's other than the same old shit. Those two had wonderful chemistry and I do believe Clark really loved her. We also got the introduction for Bart Allen. Though Run was angsty they did pull it off well.

    Onyx was just excellent. Once again Michael Rosenbaum at his best and it episode itself was just nothing short of brillant. I didn't care for the Lana witch arc though. While Kristin Kreuk did her best to carry it, it was just pointless and it was clear that Al/Miles were desperate to give Lana a purpose on the show. Sorry, but tieing Lana into the main arcs just didn't work the way you wanted to. But overall, this was a fun season with a great opening and great finale.

    5) Season 5 - I mainly liked this season for the first half. It started off really great with Arrival finishing up with one of the best finales ever. Brainiac was introduced. It's always great to see James Marsters but I'll always remember him as Spike! We also got the introduction of the Fortress of Solitude and Clark was progressing a little but not as much as he should have. We had good episodes like Mortal (save the ending), Exposed, Splinter, Solitude, and Lexmas. Fanatic was also sorta enjoyable. Then of course there's Reckoning. I personally have mixed feelings on this episode. While it started off nicely, I didn't like how Clark took Lana to the Fortress and then proposed to her. It was too forced and it was obvious that Clark was cramming all of this onto Lana not because he loved her but because he was afraid to lose her to Lex. Which ruins the scene for me while it was beautifully done it didn't really mean anything because it was for the wrong reasons. Then you have the whole time reversal thing after Lana dies and Jonathan ends up dying in her place. Though I will say that the funeral scene was powerful, it was bitter sweet as we later see that Jonathan died for nothing and Lionel just wanted to be an ally. But this episode is a milestone in the series none the less. While it was good there were flaws within it.

    After Reckoning that's were this season started to go downhill. Mainly because it set up a lot of the bad soap opera drama arcs and Clark's depression. While you had some good eps like Vengeance, Cyborg, and Mercy but there was just too much soap opera drama for my taste and IMO that's never good. The second half was a mess to say the least but it ended pretty good with Vessel. I do have problem with that episode as well and Lana clearly didn't need to be involved as much as she was. But it had a promising cliffhanger. Also this season is where the Clark/Lana saga is clearly getting stale and repetative and was losing it's spice. While I liked them breaking up I didn't like how it was done. Much like the AOS in S8. But I did enjoy Chloe being Clark's sidekick this season as she played the role nicely though it would play a negative effect on Clark in the latter seasons. I didn't mind Lionel playing the good guy but the S10 episode Luthor made me realise how much I missed evil Lionel.

    Overall, the first half of S5 was really good but the second half really tones it down a bit.
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    I would rank the seasons (as of right now) in this order in my most logical order:

    1. Season Five
    2. Season Ten
    3. Season Nine
    4. Season One
    5. Season Two
    6. Season Three
    7. Season Eight
    8. Season Six
    9. Season Seven
    10. Season Four

    I consider Season Five my favorite because it's the more intriguing plotted season, where Clark first starts college, and the heart wrenching deaths seal the deal. Most interesting season by far.


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