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Thread: Buffy Season 9 News Thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KingofCretins View Post
    Two of those three are certainly believable possibilities. Well, 2.5 -- there is a chance I suppose that Original Flavor Willow has chosen to make her entrance in so theatrical a way. But "Dark Willow" is out on account of Failure to Exist.
    Tsk,'re forgetting Willow is now *accepting* Dark Willow is a part of herself. But the image of the sunshine filtering through that dark place suggests Severin or D'Hoffyrn.

    I'm forgetting Illyria...but the problem with her is why would Xander trust Illyria in the first place? This practically kills any argument this person who said "Sorry for the bumpy landing" is Illyria in the first place. There wouldn't be enough time left to explain how or why Xander would have it in him to join her in some scheme to restore magic in order to save Dawn.

    D'Hoffryn? I'm sorry but this choice is too far out at this late stage for Xander trusting such a person like this over Buffy. It would feel rushed and cramped. So I don't think it's him either.

    Severin? This would be possible because Severin would have a valid argument to win Xander over to his side - saving his girlfriend's life. Severin would be able to tap into this vulnerability of Xander's right about now...but the only thing that goes against him is why would it need to be Severin who could win his trust over somebody like Buffy? Again this would seem too forced and awkward.

    The final option is Willow. She would be able to convince Xander to trust her judgment over Buffy's precisely because Xander has known Willow for a very long time. Not only that but also because the solicits said Xander has had it with Buffy and is willing to do something about it. Finally there has been the long voiced complaint about Xander not talking with Willow at all during this season. A reveal showing the off screen person being Willow would make sense organically since she was going to return to the Buffy comic just about now so it's looking very likely this person is in fact Willow. The only catch is whether its present day Willow with flaming red hair or Dark Willow with deep dark red hair.
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