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Thread: Spuffy discussions

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    I'm not sure if that was posted before, but, in my opinion, it's been rather obvious since "Chosen" (B 7.22) that Joss Whedon prefers Buffy/Spike to Buffy/Angel.

    I remember Sarah Michelle Gellar/Prinze 'recently' said she still supports Buffy/Angel.

    I remember James Marsters in the past few years now supports Buffy/Spike over Spike/Drusilla and over Buffy/Angel.

    I'm not sure what David Boreanaz thinks.

    I remember all of the BtVS writers support Buffy/Spike over Buffy/Angel and over Buffy/anyone else.

    Of the canonical comic book writers, I remember only Christos Gage seems to support Buffy/Angel over Buffy/Spike--but then he wrote BtVS S10 and BtVS S11 which has Buffy more in love with Spike than anyone's been in the Whedonverse including Simon and River Tam's familial love for each other.

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    I see no-one has posted in the Spuffy thread for a while, so I thought I'd just say that I am a fan, and actually believe they weren't as unhealthy as most people seem to think n Season 6

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    Quote Originally Posted by plamivasi View Post
    Thank you

    I think i'll ask some questions for a start. Maybe they're old but it's a discussion thread so the more the merrier.

    1) What do you think of the Spike/Buffy relationship? Do you like it? If you do/don't why?

    2) If you ship them, when did you start doing so?

    3) Do you have a favourite Spike/Buffy moment?

    4) Do you think there's more to explore in their relationship? If yes/no why?

    5) Do you think there's a chance for the couple in the future?

    6) Do you sympathize more with Buffy or Spike or maybe both?

    7) Do you like their reunion in the comics? If yes/no why?
    1) I love it. They are my OTP. I've been shipping them for years. No other fictional characters move me so much. Well maybe Aragon and Arwen.

    2) I shipped them from S4 onwards. I loved all their interactions in S2 and "hello cutie" and everything after that was amazing. When Spike came back in S3 I immediately sat up and said "that's what we need, more Spike" but I wasn't clever enough to see spuffy coming down the road. But the moment something blue broke I was fully on the spuffy ship, just never thought I'd be lucky enough to get such a wild ride.

    3) I have so many favorite spuffy moments, too many to list really, but the intervention kiss, the 148 days speech, I'm not ready for you to not be here and you're the one speech are among the best.

    4) yes, lots more to explore. They're both really interesting people. They bring out the best in each other. I'm okay if the relationship takes a back burner to the plot but spike's been a part of Buffy's life for 10 seasons and there is no reason they won't continue to provide interesting stories.

    5) there is always a chance they'll break up, but I hope not. I think spuffy is end game. Too much time has been invested in building it up, it would be crazy to pull it down now.

    6) I sympathize more with spike. Buffy is the hero. The numero uno. Sure I wish she had an easier time but she can handle what ever is thrown at her. Not so much now but in the past Spike was such an outsider in every social group: his Victorian peers, the scourge of Europe, 2nd choice (after angelus) for Dru, on the edges of the scoobies. Nothing's ever been easy for Spike.

    7) I don't know how to do spoilers and I think this is well known now so I won't worry about answering. I don't generally read comics but when I heard they were still together it was in S9. I faithfully started reading hoping to get a spuffy fix along with my buffy adventures and I haven't been disappointed once in S10&11.
    I like who I am when Im with him. I like who we are together.

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