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Thread: Your Top 5 (or more!) Favourite Ships of All Time

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    Quote Originally Posted by Priceless View Post
    1. Spike and Buffy is the only relationship I am truly invested in, one could even say obsessed by

    Way below that . . .

    2. Jim/Pam - The Office (US)
    3. Andy/April - Parks & Recs

    4. Eleanor/Chidi - The Good Place

    I prefer my relationships to be more comedy than drama
    I'm with Priceless spike and Buffy is the only relationship I'm totally invested in although there ar others that appeal
    Faramir and Eowyn
    Aragorn and Arwen
    James T Kirk and Carol Marcus
    Other ships come and go, spuffy is forever.

    I like who I am when Im with him. I like who we are together.

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    1. Buffy and Spike.
    2. ...

    I don't have any other ship, Spuffy has consumed me (in a bad and good way) enough for me to engage another ship. And they are the only couple that "happened" to me, others have been so unimportant that I can't even remember to list them here.

    But if shipping yourself with someone is also valid, right now I'm shipping myself with Lucifer (that devilish Welsh accent of his!). Actually, Chloe can have him (I can have the actor, thanks), I very much like her and he is in love with her and Detective Douche should go to hell with that torturer demon whose name I don't remember right now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ahm Shere View Post
    Hm, interesting. I don't know how I missed this thread.

    Okay, favourite ships.

    1. Buffy/Spike: As the majority of you probably already know, I'm a die-hard Spuffy shipper. I love the relationship throughout the series. I love the banter between the two characters and the dynamics, the ups and the downs, the passion...

    2. Virginia/Wolf: - The 10th Kingdom. I this ship so much. Wolf is so cute and funny and is just perfect for Virginia...when he's not trying to eat her grandmother that is. The "Beauty and the Beast" story.

    3. King Henry and Queen Anne: - The Tudors. Can I just say, I was gutted at the end of the second series, I cried. Henry and Anne just went fantastically well together, and I've always been facsinated with The Tudors, and Anne Boleyn was always my favourite Queen...there's so much awesomeness about her. Bad Henry!

    4. Rachel and Joey: - Friends. Yes, you saw correctly. Rachel and Joey. Personally, I thought that Rachel and Joey were more suited for each other rather than Rachel and Ross. The R&R arc got old the second full rewatch round I thought. I am just quite upset that Rachel and Joey never really got a real chance...and it came back round to Ross eventually. Come on, Rachel, it's been six years!

    5. Dean and Bela: - Supernatural. I just wish they actually had a relationship. I think they could have went great together...

    Honourable Mentions:

    Piper and Leo - Charmed
    Phoebe and Cole - Charmed
    Willow and Tara - BtVS
    Phoebe and Jason - Charmed
    Rachel and Chandler - Friends
    Dean and Jo - Supernatural
    Betty and Daniel - Ugly Betty. (Btw, I don't know if they get together or don't...I'm only on Season 2. )
    Dexter and Rita - Dexter


    And I want to add one from the movies...

    Harry and Hermione - Harry Potter. Damn you, J.K. Damn. You.
    I wanted to update this list because it's been eight years (EIGHT YEARS where has the time gone ) since I made this list and, well, my mind has been changed!

    1. Buffy/Spike - Always. Never gonna change.

    2. Hanna/Caleb - Pretty Little Liars. My favourite PLL couple, the epitome of opposites attract and they are so amazing together. Love, love, love them.

    3. Emily Thorne/Nolan Ross - Revenge. I know they're not a romantic ship, and I would never want them to be a romantic ship. However, I love the friendship between the two.

    4. Bea Smith/Allie Novak - Wentworth. I really wanted Bea and Will Jackson to be together, so badly. I loved the friendship between the two and could have potentially been something more, but then there would be no Ballie.

    5. Hook and Emma - Once Upon a Time. I stopped watching OUAT when Jennifer Morrison left in Season 7 because I was too upset that I wouldn't see much of Hook/Emma. I shipped them from the very start of Hook's introduction. I was convinced they would be together, even to the chargrin of my best friend who said that Neal was Emma's One True Love. Jokes on you pal, I was right from the start.

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    1. Baltar/Number 6
    2. Howard/Beverly
    3. Rumple/Evil Queen
    4. Mortimer/Paige
    5. Jack Napier/Harleen

    and couple non-romantic pairings that I care about

    1. Kurama/Nana
    2. Michael/Janet

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    Just need to add...

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    Hmm, that is an interesting question. Admittedly, I am glad I read through the thread, first, or I would've forgotten some. I might still :P

    I've never been a big shipper, so I'm only counting the couples where I really rooted for them during the show's run, not just because I thought their story was nice.

    1. Spike/Buffy - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    I just truly love watching their story unfold, the whole journey - from School Hard to Chosen - is so intriguing and well-written that few relationships in fiction can stand up to a proper comparison. The fact that they're far from healthy is part of their charm, imo.

    2. Spencer/Toby - Pretty Little Liars
    God, but I love these two, so fricking much! They are both also my favorite characters from the show. I love Spencer for being so devious and clever and yet kind and charming. But for Toby, I just love how nice he is. There's not a mean bone in his body and that's so rare to find on TV without risking boredom (*cough* Riley *cough*).

    3. Veronica/Logan - Veronica Mars
    They have such a fascinating dynamic. They're not really the classic 'enemies-to-lovers' trope, especially because they were friends first, then enemies, then lovers, then...god, don't let me go on. Also, they never stopped snarking and arguing and breaking up and getting back together, over and over, and yet it never grew stale, not imo at least. They just had such a beautiful chemistry, right from the start.

    4. Phoebe/Cole - Charmed
    I will never forgive the show for Coop. The end.

    5. Rumpelstiltskin/Belle - Once Upon a Time
    This is the show made for shippers, so what could I do but join in just a little. Unsurprisingly, I fell for their story beyond any other, I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of Spufflings preferred that pairing (along with Emma/Hook) out of them all. There are definite similarities and how many times did other characters try to tell Belle how unhealthy it was for her to be with such a villain? I haven't finished the show yet, so no spoilers, but I'm excited to see where the rest goes.
    Right now, last I saw was that heartbreaking scene where Belle forces Rumpel to pass over the town line

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    So, I have a new number 1.

    1. Clarke/Bellamy (The 100) - I finished my binge of the show on Friday. I ship them more than I've ever shipped anything. Sorry, Spuffy
    2. Buffy/Spike
    3. Nora/Kevin (The Leftovers)
    4. Veronica/Logan (Veronica Mars)
    5. Anna/Miles (This Life)
    6. Philip/Elizabeth (The Americans)
    7. Fitz/Simmons (Agents of SHIELD)
    8. Niles/Daphne (Frasier)
    9. Tim/Dawn (The Office UK)
    10. Morticia/Gomez (The Addams Family)
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    I'm going to stick with the Buffyverse, b/c otherwise, it just gets to be too much.

    Buffy and Spike, definitely. They. Just. Fit. They stand toe to toe. They support and challenge each other. They can talk to each other honestly. They make each other change for the better. They have serious chemistry.

    A couple crossover pairings for Buffy that also work well for me --

    Buffy and Teal'c from Stargate -- they have Kyrumption and Moira... Two great warriors, committed, capable of great sacrifice because of their great love for their world, their people, their friends. And yes, humor.
    Buffy and Daniel Jackson, also from Stargate. Both of them are capable of great compassion and sacrifice and people underestimate just how smart Buffy is. (yes, I've written those two ships)


    Xander and Dawn, I can see them making each other laugh. Dawn will never just let things slide with Xander and he needs that.

    I'm also fond of Xander and Anya and oddly Xander and Angel -- I wrote them once and saw just how much they do for each other.


    Fred and Gunn. This is my one true pairing in the Angel series. They fit. They laugh together, and they work well together... like a real couple. Connected, complex and yes, improbable... Fred and Wesley is a nasty case of obsession on Wesley's part and something that never happens when finally she's dying and he's there by her side. I really hate the idea of Fred and Wesley. Oh, you say, but Gunn is uneducated and Wesley's smart? Actually, i find Gunn pretty damn smart -- and we see it in how he uses the upgrade... Wesley is extremely well educated, but Fred is BRILLIANT in a way that leaves most people behind. Unless she found someone like a Criminal Minds' Spencer Reid, she wouldn't easily find an intellectual equal. But I don't really see her with Spencer... (at least, not early on, maybe now) He has grown into it, but early on, he was too 'soft' for her. Fred is a survivor in a way it takes Spencer Reid a very long time to become. Maybe he needed to be in Pylea for five years too?

    Yeah, Willow could be her intellectual equal, but I don't see much same sex interest in Fred. She is very heterosexual. I cannot feel anything she'd follow through with, even though I think she was flattered by Willow, and excited by Willow's mind.


    I loved Tara and Willow. Until Willow became a rapist. I have so much trouble with that as time goes on that it is hard to ship them together, though I really do believe they fit very well.


    Giles and Ethan Rayne. Yeah, I know, I know, he's straight in canon, but in fanfic... well, one of the first fanfic where slash became something I had any interest in, and where it felt totally believable and real -- (Of Old Mystics, on AO3) If you read slash, or even might consider reading slash, you should read this.

    This is far and away my favorite slash pairing in any universe. It's by far my favorite pairing for Giles, though I also could see him with Joyce, Olivia or some character played by Carrie Ann Moss.


    OK, I lied. Non-Buffy pairings:

    Harry Potter/Luna Lovegood. They are a pairing of equals... imaginative, smart, confident, humorous, able to see the absurdity that is the world. She is not 'awed' by 'the myth of the great Harry Potter'. What's her name? (colorless-redhead filling-the-wife-slot whose name I cannot ever remember) is just too colorless. Colorless is attracted to WHAT Harry is, not who he is. A hero worship, not a relationship. I cannot see them together, though sometimes men are spun by that kind of worshipfulness. Luna is a smart, funny character and her portrayal on screen made me love her even more.

    I could even see Harry with Hermione (though i think he'd view her as a sister, particularly once she's involved with Ron, ) because of how well they work together as friends and the fact that in his projects and fights, Harry can actually turn to Hermione, talk to her and they respect each other. Little miss colorless (AKA Ginny Weasley, yes, I looked it up!) by contrast offers him nothing. He offers her mostly the fantasy of basking in the reflected glory of Hero Harry. It's actually a bit like the Buffy/Angel relationship -- all teenage fantasy, nothing 'there' in reality.

    Incidentally, I don't think Ron and Hermione fit all that well intellectually, but unlike Ginny/Harry i could see Hermione needing a release valve, as she is pretty intense, and he is lower key. I can see him as the supporting power behind the brilliance that is Hermione. Like his father, I think Ron could get over overweening ambition and let himself be a supporting character rather than 'the star' in the family.

    I would have loved to see them explore a relationship between Derek Morgan and Penelope Garcia of Criminal Minds. They are beautiful together, and I think I'd like to see the trope that the babe always ends up with a trophy spouse blown away just once. I think they 'get' each other.

    I wish Spence had gotten his one true love... Maeve Donovan. That broke my heart.

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    Okay, I'm in.

    1. Buffy/Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    2. Lizzie/Darcy from Pride and Prejudice
    3. ALL of the couples and thruples and morples from Sense8 (How can EVERY character be so adorable? And yet, they are. Every one.)
    4. Morticia/Gomez from Addams Family
    5. Veronica/ Logan from Veronica Mars

    As you can see, most of these fit a mold — lots of bantering and women with plenty of backbone. But also, these are the loves that last. The ones that stick around and see it through the rough patches.

    First alternates: any black and white movie couple with Claudette Colbert or Myrna Loy playing the wife. See The Thin Man, or The Palm Beach Story for a taste.

    Second alternates: Shakespearean comedy couples, such as Beatrice & Benedict from Much Ado About Nothing, and (in one case) Katherine and Petrucchio from Taming of the Shrew. The version on which I'm basing this latter is the BBC's Shakespeare Retold modern-day political-milieu version, in which the principals were played by Shirley Henderson and Rufus Sewell. Utterly delightful. You can watch it here:
    Weird love is better than no love Buffy Summers

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    1. Buffy-Spike from BtVS
    2. Michael and Maria from Roswell
    3. Niles/Daphne from Frasier
    4. Darcy/Elizabeth from Pride and Prejudice
    5. Max and Liz from Roswell
    6. Tara-Willow from BtVS

    But Buffy-Spike trumps all these other ships (for me.)

    I also like elsewhere:
    1. Pip and Estella - Great Expectations
    2. Hareton and Cathy - Wuthering Heights
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    I love how many times I've seen Niles and Daphne in this thread
    I'm not gonna die in a hospital where the nurses aren't even hot.

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    I"ll play too. I'm actually going to exclude Buffyverse ships in the interests of new writing on this forum. Here lies spoilers for Mad Men, The Sopranos, The West Wing, Gilmore Girls, and Frasier.

    1. Don/Betty Draper- Mad Men- It's the perfect picture image of a classically romantic mid-20th century romance. It's Grace Kelly and Cary Grant placed into a lovely house with adorable kids....And it's fundamentally rotten and built on Don's lies. It's so hideous to watch. Don lies and gaslights Betty on an epic scale, and revels in her complete financial dependence on him. Betty deals by passive aggressively swiping at Don and taking her anger out on their kids. And yet, there's real love there because they're both traumatized insecure kids in this gorgeous meat-suits.

    Betty correctly divorces Don. I love how even though Don is the main character and Betty doesn't work at the advertising agency, the locus of the action, Betty remains an important character post-divorce and goes through her own character development. Her own character development is realistically small and realistically over soon as she dies young soon after the last episode because she's a creature of her times but she still absolutely MATTERS in a huge epic way to her kids, to Don, to Henry. It's also very sweet to see Don and Betty become sort-of-friends after the divorce because without the desperation to keep a broken marriage together, the reasons why they fell in love and their kids kind of guide them to an understanding. However, the marriage/romance very correctly dies.

    2. Tony/Carmela Soprano- The Sopranos- Meanwhile, this is the darker ship BECAUSE the marriage/romance was never allowed to die. Tony also lies to Carmla on an epic scale and takes advantage of her financial dependence on him, which isn't even normal for the late 1990s as opposed to 1960s. However, Carmela is a darker character than Betty Draper because she's also been corrupted. She finally chooses to divorce Tony, only because he cheated on her with a cripple and THAT was uniquely humiliating as opposed to the trashy-pretty classic strippers and whores that Tony usually sees and Carmela deep-down knows about and expects. However, she can't leave because Tony physically threatens her and any guy that she would move onto and prevents her from seeking out attorneys by playing mobster games. In short, Tony can be a mob boss with his family just as easily as with his Family. But also, because Carmela insists on taking some of the blood money with her to maintain her stolen lifestyle built on other people's ruined and ended lives.

    And yet, it's bleak from a bird eye view but usually fun on a minute to minute basis. Tony and Carmela both adore their kids, their rustic New Jersey McMansion, all types of Italian quirk and guido gaudiness, and the food. Especially, the food- the ultimate distraction from life. Even at rock bottom, Carmela has to fall back in love with Tony when he comes striding into a pool party with hot Italian sausages around his neck and playfully pushes her into the pool with AJ for game of Marco Polo. So bleak but so hilarious. "SOMEDAY WHEN YOU'RE MARRIED YOU'LL UNDERSTAND THE IMPORTANCE OF FRESH PRODUCE."

    3. Luke/Lorelai- Gilmore Girls- OK- now actually *healthy* ships. Lorelai is basically engineered as a classic romantic comedy heroine. She's very pretty, super fashionable, has the perfect light bantery wit. She's a fallen princess, still in the glow of aristocracy but she chose to take the high road and make her own money. Meanwhile, Luke is hardly your classic idea of a romantic hero. He's a blue-collar hermit who owns a diner. He was orphaned young and had to take on responsibility for a fallen family and as a result, he's depressed in a town that basically enforces quirky happiness.

    And yet, Luke/Lorelai fit SO perfectly. They're a complete whole together. Lorelai brings sunshine to Luke's life and he grounds her when she's being irresponsible. Lorelai gives Luke the interpersonal advice that he needs in order to build a family while he gives her the practical fix-it and cooking help that she needs to get by. His gruff sarcasm balances excellently with her OTT whimsy.

    4. Jed/Abbey Bartlet- The West Wing- This ship is darker for me than its surface but it ends up in a good place. I think it's a great twist that Jed Bartlet is a fantasy president but his presidency ruins and strikes against so much of what Abbey values. Jed gets Abbey's medical help concealing his MS from the public by promising that he'll only serve one term. Jed breaks his promise to his wife and unilaterally decides to go public with his MS so that Hoynes doesn't beat him the nomination. Consequently, Jed's political career continues gloriously but Abbey's own impressive career is ruined as she has to give up her medical license for the remainder of Jed's time in office. Abbey is the more involved parent to their girls so she takes how Jed's presidency hurts the girls far more. Zoey is kidnapped because Jed is president. Ellie's scientific research is turned into a circus and opportunity to crazies to jeer at Ellie because Jed is president. Elizabeth is more independent but I'd argue that she stays in a bad marriage because Jed and Abbey have modeled a marriage where the wife makes all of the compromises. Then, Abbey asked for Jed's promise for only one terms because she felt the MS would become more aggressive soon. And of course, Jed's MS did become incredibly aggressive and debilitating in his second term.

    However, it's hard to condemn Jed. Public service motivates his political career. Being the President of the United States is such an all-powerful even kingly job in today's world that Jed never could have anticipated how much he'd feel the need to take on two terms until he was in the Oval Office. What's more, Jed is also a victim of his MS and of terrorists kidnapping his youngest daughter and public scrutiny hurting his middle daughter too. Consequently, it makes sense that Abbey is angry but she tries her best to get over it and maintain their marriage. It's SO affecting to me when in the last episode, Abbey turns to Jed, battered and aged prematurely by his illness and the stresses of the office with Leo's death as a harbringer that not much time is left, and finds the happiness to say "Jed, you made it."

    5. Niles/Daphne- Frasier- So many romances are vulgar and stupid in situation comedies. However, Niles/Daphne is really very elegant and restrained even though it's hilarious. Really, hilarious- it contributes to a lot of the series' funniest moments. It's a great twist that the series big "Will they, won't they" power couple was given to the supporting characters instead of Frasier, the lead character. I think that was a first and it was a great move for everyone. Frasier's romantic life felt like a much bigger mystery since he wasn't so clearly assigned a romantic partner. Meanwhile, giving the lead character such a big "Will they, won't they" romance can suck the air out of the show because it ends up taking so much time and focus. I'm watching Scrubs now for the first time (a contemporary for Frasier's later seasons). JD/Elliot is very annoying as the big Will They, Won't They for the lead character for that very reason. Frasier is absolutely a self-centered, vain romantic partner but I always love him because his main story is so clearly built around developing his ties to his family.

    As supporting characters, Niles/Daphne would never take up so much time and focus in an epic romance. However giving them the big romance dramatically increased their gravitas and emotional weight as characters. Niles could have been cartoonish without such a big story, the EVEN snobbier, fussier brother of Frasier who makes Frasier look cool. Daphne could have been untethered to the Crane family beyond her role as a paid maid/therapist and thus, dispensable. However, Niles's deep, lasting, and most important, innocent and non-exploitative love for blue-collar Daphne is the first sign that he's actually not such an insufferable snob about deeper affairs of the heart. In the early seasons, it is a little unfortunate that Daphne is partly elevated to Crane family member because we anticipate that she and Niles will end up together. However, that *is* a crucial tie. Also the "Daphne, you will get to stick around because you're pretty" sting is taken out because Frasier and Martin come to see her as a family member.
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    Oh, guys, I just love Niles and Daphne so much

    But you know another couple that took a while to get together where the dude is named Niles? Niles and CC Babcock
    I'm not gonna die in a hospital where the nurses aren't even hot.

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