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Thread: Your Top 5 (or more!) Favourite Ships of All Time

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    Quote Originally Posted by Priceless View Post
    1. Spike and Buffy is the only relationship I am truly invested in, one could even say obsessed by

    Way below that . . .

    2. Jim/Pam - The Office (US)
    3. Andy/April - Parks & Recs

    4. Eleanor/Chidi - The Good Place

    I prefer my relationships to be more comedy than drama
    I'm with Priceless spike and Buffy is the only relationship I'm totally invested in although there ar others that appeal
    Faramir and Eowyn
    Aragorn and Arwen
    James T Kirk and Carol Marcus
    Other ships come and go, spuffy is forever.

    I like who I am when Im with him. I like who we are together.

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    1. Buffy and Spike.
    2. ...

    I don't have any other ship, Spuffy has consumed me (in a bad and good way) enough for me to engage another ship. And they are the only couple that "happened" to me, others have been so unimportant that I can't even remember to list them here.

    But if shipping yourself with someone is also valid, right now I'm shipping myself with Lucifer (that devilish Welsh accent of his!). Actually, Chloe can have him (I can have the actor, thanks), I very much like her and he is in love with her and Detective Douche should go to hell with that torturer demon whose name I don't remember right now.

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