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    I'm now halfway through Capaldi's era. I know change is such an integral part of DW...I am just not a person that enjoys change! I get so attached! That said, I know that change is so critical to DW surviving all these years as a show. It must be allowed to change.

    I did eventually grow to appreciate Ten. I wasn't sad to see him go, though...not like I was with Nine. I ended up not liking Rose much in series 2. She seemed really different to Rose in series 1, and I didn't like her chemistry with David. I actually thought it was better with Chris, but I seem to be in the minority, there. There are many episodes of David's that I loved, character moments that I loved, etc., but I really hated how much Ten didn't want to go. I found it to be VERY unflattering to the Doctor. It made him look so much less, somehow, to the previous Doctors who faced their regeneration with more courage.

    I loved Eleven. Loved him. I was frustrated with the writing, though, basically the further on in Eleven's run we went. I treasured series 5, struggled through parts of series 6, and started to lose interest in series 7. But overall, I always treasured Matt Smith's Doctor, the way he could play such an immature, childish character, and yet be believable as an old, old man in a young man's body. I loved his ease around children. I know many didn't like this aspect of his character, but I loved how attached he got to his humans. He was such a sentimental character. Anyway. I really miss him, despite all the missteps story wise. I cried when he left, and again when he phoned Clara in 8x01.

    I'm having a hard time with Capaldi's Doctor. I find him to be fairly "fun" to watch. But I miss Eleven's gentleness and tender heart. I often felt uplifted and happy after watching Eleven, and Twelve doesn't give me those warm and fuzzy feelings. I hope by the end of his run, he'll have grown on me like the other Doctors did (even Ten).

    Once I catch up to the newest episodes, I plan to go back and watch Classic Who. I really love this show, even when I'm confused, lol. I love the sense of adventure and awe, the sense of morality, the optimism about human potential, etc. At its best, for me, it gives me similar happy feelings to the way I feel watching BtVS...which is a rare thing.
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