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Thread: If you could write a Season 9 arc...

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    Default If you could write a Season 9 arc...

    What would it be about.

    Seeing as they are making a full transistion to comics, i think i would like to see Buffy have an arc that deals with the traditional comic story of alternate universes.

    My story would be about a group of vampires that Buffy slayed. These vampires are however different, as they do not dust, do not have vampiric faces and resemble the vampires seen in the original movie. Willow uses her magic and discovers that these vampires do not fit into the universe and Giles researches alternate universes. They cast a spell so that Buffy can travel to an alternate universe from which the group of vampires came from. When she arrives Buffy meets a group of people sheltering in a derlicit building at night time. She is attacked by a woman there who shares similar strength with Buffy. They both declare that there names are Buffy Summers. However they do not look the same. The Buffy Summers from this universe is actually the Kristy Swanson Buffy from the film. After the fight, they talk about their differences. The KS Buffy reveals that the vampires in this universe grew at a phenonomal rate and most of the worlds population is now either dead or a vampire. Our Buffy must discover why they are coming in to her universe. They find out that the vampires are growing weak in the parallel universe because of food shortages and that they sent a group of vampires to scout ahead into another universe. The two Buffy's, team up to stop the vampires invading the normal world. At the end our Buffy offers the KS Buffy to come with her, but the KS Buffy declines stating she has to try and protect her world as much as she can.

    So I Am Legend meets Marvel Zombies meets Time of Your Life.

    What would you do.
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