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Thread: 8.33 'Twilight' Discussion Thread **SPOILERS: TWILIGHT REVEALED**

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    Quote Originally Posted by sueworld View Post
    Yes, but I like to throw Spike some slack in that at least even unsouled he seemed to have the kind of personality where sometimes he can be very supportive to people when the need arises, particularly with women.

    A touch of William flashing to the surface there maybe.

    I'm not judging here, just saying that at that point in time Buffy didn't confide in Spike because she thought he had some great insight into her and her life. He was simply at the right place at the right time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pointman
    Buffy confided in Spike because she didn't want to hurt her friends, not because she felt Spike could understand her better. She didn't care about Spike or what he felt so telling him these things didn't make her feel bad. And where is this established attraction you speak of? Prior to season 6 there was no established attraction and even in season 6 the attraction didn't start until a few episodes in.
    fair enough. but her original reason for confiding in him doesn't erase the fact that spike did understand her, and spike was reeling her closer to him with this fact. and i was speaking of the moments that KingsofCretins points out on page 33 of this thread. there are many instances when buffy refers to spike as good looking, which is what i meant by attraction.

    Quote Originally Posted by cheryl4ba
    It didn't matter that she confided in him, because as far as she was concerned, he wasn't real anyway. Just an evil dead thing. THAT'S how Buffy viewed Spike for much of season 6.
    no, this is what she told herself over and over again. its not how she really felt. from season 5 she was beginning to put trust in him. its what the episode "intervention" was meant to establish. she began to trust him so much that she couldn't possibly fathom in season 6 that he was "the doctor" in "as you were". so much so that despite his chip not activating with her, she continued to let him live because she didn't think he would hurt her. you don't put that much trust in something you truly believe is a "evil dead thing." she may have known it was true and may have known that's how she should feel, but logic just couldn't compete with her feelings.

    Quote Originally Posted by Pointman
    Buffy told Spike about her mother because he happened to be the only person there at the time. It doesn't reflect some level of trust she shared with him. He caught her as a weak moment where she didn't even try and fight the guy who showed up with a gun to shoot her. Whatever it may have become later, that is how it was then.
    she could have turned around and gone inside, called riley up to confide in. or she could have just sat there, she didn't have to say anything at all if she truly felt she shouldn't confide in an evil soulless being. at any rate, even if it doesn't reflect any level of trust, she confided. call it a ball roller, if you like. it may not have reflected any trust prior, but it was one of the first moments she let herself be vulnerable with him, thus leading to trusting him later.
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