View Full Version : Veronica Mars season 3

17-09-09, 12:23 PM
This season is still Veronica Mars and entertaining, but itīs the weakest of the three and a bit disappointing.
My thoughts of the season are as follows:

- Keith/Veronica. This relationship is still what makes the show very appealing, funny and touching.
- Dick, Piz, Parker and Logan (alone)
- The Dean O`Dell murder
- The criminology class is fun
- Veronica Mars
- Spit & Eggs

- The Lilith House. The so called "feminists" are sexists, cliched, extremely unlikeable and extremely annoying. They really bring down the season
- Less Mac, less Wallace, less Weevil. They completely forgot about these characters and the development they had was close to none.
- Veronica bitchiness towards Logan. Veronica is always a plus but in this season she also is a minus. First is the on/off again with Logan that gets in my nerves but my biggest complaint is the way she treats Logan. She treats him like dirt. She doesnīt trust him, she is constantly trying to change him, she just canīt accept who he is and just ignores him and pushes him away. Also the writing seems to favor her, itīs like the writers want us to care for her and totally ban him. That also happens with Wallace when he completely supports her and regress back to his persona in S1 of hating Logan.
I love Veronica but she does a lot of mistakes here. One clear example of this is in "Spit& Eggs" when Logan breaks up with her and she says that shocked her. What?! You ignore him, ignore his calls and then youīre waiting for him to just take it, just be around you when you want to. No, thank you.
Again, in "There has to be a morning after Pill" she forgives Madison but canīt forgive Logan.
My heart just bleeds for Logan this season.

These are my major complaints about S3. Itīs still a good season but disappointing.