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29-08-09, 12:49 AM
Sort of a question to tidy up the Buffy section, not that it's all that messy, but I just thought it would help, anyway, I noticed the amount of episodic threads about each Buffy episode (to a point) from the first season and, assuming it's only going to go on to the remaining six seasons, I was wondering whether it would help to either put episodic threads into their own section or to merge them (though I doubt that will really help as people will lose track of which episode each person is talking about/still on).

It's not a problem, but I just thought as these threads are only going to increase in number as the rewatch goes on it would help to have a section for them of their own, this would also mean other Buffy threads would be easier to find, as would the episodic threads, however, I understand it might be pointless for them to have their own section because as the rewatch goes on, the threads will end up in the Dead Section.

I hope this isn't too long winded and makes sense by the end of it.