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16-04-09, 11:49 PM
Hey, I have only the first fifteen comics of Buffy and was wondering how many more there are (season 8 and on)...and if anyone has read the Angel comics/are they any good/how many of those are there?

16-04-09, 11:52 PM
Hey, I have only the first fifteen comics of Buffy and was wondering how many more there are (season 8 and on)...and if anyone has read the Angel comics/are they any good/how many of those are there?

Season 8 is 40 issues long, plus or minus 1 as needed. The next issue to be released will be 8.25 in May. There will be a month off in June or July during which a "Tales of the Vampires" one shot will be published. Then the season will go through until complete. After that, Season 9 will begin :)

The "Angel" title published by IDW is about to release it's 20th issue. The first 17 issues are a mini-series called "Angel: After the Fall", and a new miniseries, "Angel: Aftermath" started after that. There is also a companion mini-series called "Spike: After the Fall" that goes along with "Angel: After the Fall".

16-04-09, 11:57 PM
Rather than making a seperate thread,

Could anyone state the official "canon" list?

Vampire in Rug
17-04-09, 12:40 AM
The undisputable canon is:

The Buffy TV series, seasons 1-7 (duh)
Angel TV series, seasons 1-5 (duh)
Buffy: the Origin
Buffy season 8
Angel: After the Fall

Those are the titles that are 100% absolutly canon. Joss Whedon has either declared them canon, or had a hand in all of them.

Tales of the Vampires and Tales of the Slayer are also considered by most people to be canon. They've been referenced in the canon several times, Scott Allie considers them to be canon and many of the TV writers have written the stories that appear in them.

I consider the next, slightly looser level of canon to be the various IDW Spike titles and the Dark Horse "Buffy: Year One" titles. Nobody of importance has officialy declared them to be canon, but they fit into the timeline niceley and they are of a higher quality than most non-canon works. I can't claim that they are 100% canon, but Spike: Asylum, Viva Las Buffy and what-have-you are all pretty good reads. And the "Buffy: Year One stories" take place in an era that the canon is probably never going to explore. So in my personal opinion they are the next best thing to canon.

17-04-09, 01:21 AM
"Buffy: Year One" is non-canon, but it's basically all canon-friendly, or canon-ready, if you like -- all those stories could be declared canon tomorrow by Joss without creating any continuity errors. Personally, I'd love for "Viva Las Buffy" to be a canon story, since it's just so amusingly fun.

My approach to constructing canon from the referenced works -- works that are not explicitly branded canon by Joss, but are referenced in canon works -- is that the pieces that are referenced are canon. Basically, the central facts become canon, but not the details, not unless referenced. So, in the case of "Angel", come of the characters from "Spike: Asylum" are canon characters, but not necessarily every specific event from that story. In the case of "Buffy", "Antique" (the one-shot about Xander being at Dracula's castle) isn't canon in its full details, just in the central facts -- Xander went to Dracula's castle, was under his thrall, and eventually was taken away from there by Buffy.

17-04-09, 01:27 AM
If you are really wanting to get into the comics, I suggest you do what I do, just buy all the Omnibus' as they come out. They don't include Buffy Season 8 or Angel: After the fall, but they are a good read none the less, you get to see some interesting twists and turns they couldn't really go into in the show.

Or you could...ahem... download the comics online like I had to do before I found out there WAS a comic book store (And that the bookstore sold the omnibus') within a half-hour from my house.

I'm behind in season 8 again :( half-hour is far without a drivers license.... I have the first 14 issues of After the fall, but I'm having trouble getting into it for some reason.