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26-02-09, 04:54 AM
How about a Lost forum in Other Shows? Surely enough of us are watching it to make it worthwhile -- and it never fails to be eminently worth discussing.

Jenni Lou
26-02-09, 05:01 AM
We've discussed it before. But Lost doesn't generate a whole lot of discussion on this forum for some reason so it's always been able to easily be contained in a single thread.

And I am a ridiculously HUGE Lost fan. But even I don't often have too much to say about it. I prefer to listen to fan podcasts more than I do discussing it on the net. :p So we (mods) have considered this before but again, there has just never been enough discussion on the show to deserve its own subsection.

26-02-09, 08:52 AM
Lost discussion has never been big on this forum. I would love to give it a section but there just aren't enough threads and posts currently to justify that.

26-02-09, 10:49 PM
I love LOST but also dont talk about it very much