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28-06-07, 08:39 PM
S8 is offering us some nuggets of Joss' view of artistic creation -- as ever, in passing, as part of a story rather than as commentary.

Ethan from #3: "You are always dreaming every dream you could dream all the time. Even when you're awake, a part of your brain is stirring that brew. Which one you choose to remember in the morning is basd on wishes, anxities -- in your case, your collective Slayer mempory and prophecies are mixed in as well. IT's a vast and fasinating placce. Everywhere you turn, a part of you."

Joss seems to be implying that we select out meaning from chaos in art (or in art/life).

In #4, we get a glimpse of Willow's interior: "What you're seeing is possibility thoughts, courses of actions, pieces of you that could be. Ending."

These are reminders & extensions of what Joss has done elsewhere -- it seems like he draws out ethics from aesthetics, that choices are a kind of artistic self-creation (and co-creaiton with others).

In any case, as always, there's more than story going on in the story.

Steppin' Razor
09-07-07, 05:15 AM
In any case, as always, there's more than story going on in the story.

That's why Joss is such a great writer. He can work on many levels.


13-07-07, 04:36 AM
It's not that Joss is a 'great writer' per se, as that he was the first (and maybe the only) one to venture through a fissure that opened in tv by the now largely-(and unbelievably) overlooked "Twin Peaks".

So far these are the only two shows to invert the hot medium of television and turn it cool. Joss has been obliged for various reasons to return to the relatively cool medium of print, even if it's graphic print.

13-07-07, 10:48 PM
Great Muppety Odin, but I miss Twin Peaks ...

Of all the referencing in all the world, am I imagining it but does any powerful dream sequence now reference TP?

I remember Twin Peaks as the first telly to really push my buttons - I found it unsettling, mostly in a good way, sometimes not, but like jossverse, hotwired into the squishy frontal lobes and impossible (honestly) to distance in the way the other visions before midnight have. :D

19-07-07, 12:33 PM
The red curtains in "Restless" -- Joss did mention them as a TP reference someone, I think. The sequence with Giles and Spike on the swings while Buffy plays in the sand ruffles with a bit of a breeze from TP.

It contained the most purely obscene scene (outside of the infamous David's-captivity ep of "Six Feet Under") from tv -- the murder of Laura's cousin by Leland/Bob. The next ep that brutal horror was turned inside-out by showing her red-stockinged feet constantly poking up through her killer's golf bag as he played a round.

Joss seems almost a cuddly bunny in that light.

19-07-07, 12:46 PM
I'd say the pilot has some of the harshest scenes the bit where the head is telling the school about the death, lauras mum and dad on the phone when the police come to inform him. Really harsh but beautifully done t.v.

I can definitely see those influences in 'the body'.

As for season 8 i hope they are gonna be Jossy enough to hurt us in this way. I think the stand alone might be a little harsh.

19-07-07, 12:50 PM
That scene had slipped my mind completely; great catch! Now I hope they rush out TP on dvd again.