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21-01-19, 05:59 PM
Note: I'm starting a series of posts on dumb decisions made by Buffyverse characters. This particular post covers some of the unglamorous, yet practical, aspects of Buffy's plan to feed Faith to Angel in "Graduation Day, Part One." Some people may find my logic gross, callous, or both. Those people can save us all some time by reading something else instead. To aid them in this, I am putting the main content of the post behind spoiler markup.

Let's begin with Buffy turning off the music so that Faith knows she's there. This makes it play like a duel, with rules of engagement and agreed-upon stakes... neither of which exists. Faith has already deliberately sniped Buffy's boyfriend from cover to distract Buffy from the graduation-day battle. Buffy is here to fix a (physical) injury which is decidedly unfair by dueling standards, and she's been pretty clear on how she'll do it by whatever means necessary. Just take advantage of Faith's carelessness and get it over with, Buff.

Just as stupid is the fact that Buffy doesn't have a getaway vehicle at the ready. Wouldn't Oz be more useful here, driving his van (maybe aided by Giles as a lookout), than he is mopping Angel's brow, which anyone could do? Think about it. Sunnydale has 49 churches, 12 cemeteries, an airport, a busy nightclub, and a university that's distant enough from Buffy and Willow's homes to justify their moving into the dorm. Area-wise, it's pretty big. Most landmarks, including Sunnydale High (where Angel is waiting on the cure) are separated from others by brush/woods/meadows.

There are two obvious problems here. First, discretion: Without a vehicle, Buffy will have to carry Faith's body, either dead or unconscious, all the way back to Sunnydale High. Being a Slayer, she's strong enough; however, she's not invisible. She'll be exposed to police patrols, civilian eyewitnesses, and, of course, anyone the Mayor sends to check on Faith. Possibly even the unkillable Mayor himself, since it's perfectly plausible that he'd want to see how his top lieutenant was holding up on the eve of battle.

Second: What happens to blood when a body dies? Answer: Nothing good. If you kill a mammal, and you plan to eat any part of it, you want to drain the blood from the carcass as soon as possible. Presumably, Buffy knows this, given her experience with slaughterhouses and butcher's shops-- they don't just drain out the pigs' blood for vampires. Blood is one of the first things to go bad; leaving it in will even make the meat rot faster. It doesn't stay put, either: As soon as the heart stops pumping, it starts oozing out of the arteries and veins. It coagulates like old nail polish. Who'd bet on that to work as an antidote? Making the problem even worse, Buffy doesn't know how much blood Angel would need-- which means that she can't even afford to eviscerate the body. Again, there are reasons why hunters take the time to do this before they move on. Every moment counts. A lot. Why not speed things up with wheels?

21-01-19, 10:26 PM
I agree that this wasn't a great plan, and for more reasons than you state, including the emotional fallout for Buffy.

However, Angel was at his mansion on Crawford Street, not the high school. It doesn't negate your argument, though. :D