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10-01-19, 03:07 AM

Not sure what to think really. Reading the first bit without the flashback part made it sound like the easiest job ever. :lol:

10-01-19, 03:19 AM
I will give first ep a chance out of loyalty but man that sounds like a high concept bit of esoteric bilge.

10-01-19, 03:50 AM
I'm I the only one who has issues with SMG running as fast as she could from BTVS for so many years?

10-01-19, 03:53 AM
Sounds depressing. And sadly, likely to be canceled promptly.
I think career day got it right.:-) She would do well in law enforcement. I would have loved to see her in something like criminal minds or CSI. I miss seeing her onscreen.

10-01-19, 04:00 AM
I'm I the only one who has issues with SMG running as fast as she could from BTVS for so many years?

She won't be the first or last to do it, and she won't be the first or last to fairly disappear despite having real talent, beauty, and charisma. She should probably have tea with Nina Dobrev.

10-01-19, 07:32 AM
I never had issues with SMG. People hold actors to a very different standard than they do pretty anyone else in any other profession and industry. How many people get criticised for switching jobs, or leaving jobs behind, or not "being grateful" for their job etc? We assume that because we have an emotional attachment the story that the actor should too despite it just being a job to them the same way my job is to me. And like me, and I suspect many of us throughout our lives, SMG obviously wanted to pursue other things and move on from this job and see where her career could go next. I could never begrudge her for that. I've never stayed at a job for 7 years and I don't work 17 hour days like she did for years. Which isn't to say that she didn't get compensated very well for her job and didn't get a lot of perks (I'm certainly not implying she's a victim or hard done to in anyway) but by all accounts she was extremely professional, diligent and hard working, which is all I'd ever expect of anyone. I never expected her to continuously look back at her job and be grateful for it (nobody here has asked her to but I've seen it said a lot) anymore than I don't look back at my old jobs and be grateful for them.

A lot of fans have criticised her over the years for not attending conventions etc but I always felt it that just spoke of their entitlement. We don't own these actors and they don't owe us anything. They came to set and did a job every day and that was their obligation. We as fans chose to watch the show they acted on and fulfilled our end of the bargain too. I don't feel she owes me anything anymore than I feel I owe her. And to be honest, if I were in her position I wouldn't be interested in going to conventions either. Over the last decade or so it's become far more of a prerequisite as conventions (particularly Comic Con) etc have gotten huge and now it's a vital part of publicity. However, it wasn't as common back when "Buffy" aired and if SMG didn't want to spend dedicating more of her free time to her job than she was already doing, then I totally respect that choice. Besides, I know this is probably a pretty unpopular opinion, but whenever I watch videos of panels from cons I always find it cringeworthy as hell. People's questions are stupid and seeming them fawn over the actor's bad jokes with OTT laughter and clapping every 5 minutes is just embarrassing IMO. It's just not of my cup of tea and I say that as a fan so I can totally understand if an actor would rather be doing other things.

Nevertheless, there's plenty of examples of SMG caring a lot about the story whilst she worked on "Buffy." She was obviously emotionally attached the story and to the character otherwise she wouldn't have been balling her eyes out on set during "Prom" or storming into Whedon's office over Buffy/Parker or coming to Marti Noxon in Season 6 and expressing her concern that they were losing the show. She certainly wasn't an actor who didn't care at all about the story or her character. And it makes a lot of sense to me that in the last few years she's come to embrace the show/fandom more and express her love for it. She has said herself that whilst she never disliked the show or working on it that it took proper distance from it for her to really reflect back and see what a huge cultural phenomenon it was and appreciate and admire that. She's said that her mentality was very much "work, work, work" at the time. It sounds emotionally honest and understandable to me so I've never held it against her that she wasn't seen to be as open about "Buffy" as she is now. I think with the 90's nostalgia she's enjoying her status as a 90's icon and looking back fondly at that time which I can't say I blame her.

10-01-19, 12:50 PM
Am I the only one who thinks it sounds interesting?


11-01-19, 07:20 AM
The article said that "Sometimes I Lie" will be a "limited" series, which I guess is the modern day version of the old-fashioned "mini-series," so people can stop whining about how they expect it to be "canceled" in no time at all.

11-01-19, 09:01 AM
Am I the only one who thinks it sounds interesting?


The premise is workable. The Diving-Bell and the Butterfly is a stunning movie* and, IIRC, much of it is shot from inside the only functioning eye of a guy with Locked-in Syndrome. I'll be honest, I haven't seen her in anything other than BtVS so she wouldn't be the main attraction. In fact, I've seen very few of the cast outside of Buffy and Angel - when I have seen them it's been mostly by default. Personally, I thought BtVS was greater than the sum of its parts.

*The Diving Bell and the Butterfly won awards at the Cannes Film Festival, the Golden Globes, the BAFTAs, and the CÚsar Awards, and received four Academy Award nominations. Several critics later listed it as one of the best films of its decade. It ranks in BBC's 100 Greatest Films of the 21st Century. Wiki.