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05-01-19, 10:34 PM
I think that Ethan Rayne’s costume spell in “Halloween” acted off the wearers’ fantasies of what their costumes meant, rather than transforming them into set versions of what they were dressing as. 18th-century noblewomen were sometimes ferocious conquerors, like Tsarina Catherine II of Russia, or intellectuals, like the marquise de Pompadour (who, granted, was born into the bourgeois class, but didn’t stay there), or rebels against convention, like Seymour, Lady Dorothy Worsley (née Fleming) and Georgiana Cavendish, Duchess of Devonshire. It would’ve been plausible for noble!Buffy to demand that everyone head to her salon to work out their problems with logic, but, instead, she acts like the vain, airheaded creature that she had imagined Angel wanting. Likewise, Xander could’ve been transformed into a terrified conscript or a shell-shocked veteran, but instead he’s an organized, well-trained commando, IMO because that’s what he imagined being. The children in demon costumes don’t start granting wishes or chattering amiably about cats; they turn malevolent toward humans, in keeping with Judeo-Christian beliefs. So I think part of the chaos is that Ethan doesn’t create strict parameters for the outcome of each costume worn; a lot of it comes from letting the wearers’ psyches run wild.