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Vague that up for me
23-11-18, 09:51 PM
So a few weeks ago my friend Kayla and I came together to start the fulfillment of a long time dream of mine to start our very own Buffy the Vampire Slayer podcast. Kayla has never seen the show before so each week we get together and watch one episode before discussing it in depth.

Both of us have strong feminist views and those are a big part of the show. This is especially true now as we are only on season one and there is only so much you can say about the early episodes.

I have created this thread with three goals in mind.

First and most obviously I am trying to attract listeners for the show because although I could happily do this just to get Kayla watching Buffy, the podcast experience is way more fun when it is interactive. (I assume. )

The seccond is to find some honest feedback. This is my first attempt at podcasting and research can only get us so far in the growth of the show.

The final point of this thread is to encourage weekly discussions about our episodes. As I mentioned I want to have an interactive experience with our listeners and the more platforms I give people to discuss it the more conversations I can be a part of.

As I post this we have published our first three episodes (wtth and Harvest counting as two separate episodes) but because we are both somewhat flakey humans we have already recorded up to the Pack and intend to stay a minimim of three episodes ahead of what is published just in case.

Can't wait to hear what people think and thank you in advance for taking your time to help me improve this wonderful creature I am creating.

One last note we intend to read feedback on the air so if you are okay with that please let me know in your posts. So far our only feedback is from my mom and she is kinda bias.

You can find links to our episodes and social media accounts on our WordPress page the link for wich is in my signature.