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17-05-18, 12:27 PM
Hey :wave:

I thought people could list their Top 10 favourite Buffy and Angel episodes. Feel free to cheat and include two-parters as one episode if you're so inclined (because I will be) and you can elaborate on why you picked the episodes if you like :)

1) Innocence: I just think it's the most perfect blend of everything that I love about Buffy and is probably the show at it's best when it came to using monsters as a metaphor for growing up. But it also contains so many iconic and memorable scenes such as Buffy with the rocket launcher, Buffy kicking Angelus in the balls, Angelus attacking Willow in the hallway, Willow & Oz in the van, "You've got a lot to learn about men, kiddo. But I guess you proved that last night" etc. But it also contains one of, if not my favourite Buffy scene of the entire show, which is Buffy & Joyce on the couch at the end. It's such an underrated scene and it's just perfection ("I'll just let it burn" :cutecry::heart:)
2) The Gift: The best Season Finale of the show and a perfect climax not only to Season 5 but to the story they'd been telling for the past 5 years. I just love the whole Princess In The Tower theme, the Buffy & Giles moment at the Magic Box ("I just wish - I just wish my mum was here" *gulp*), "I made a promise to a lady", the way each character has a significant moment from Willow blasting Glory to Xander hitting her with a wrecking ball, and of course Buffy's heartbreaking swan dive.
3) Becoming I & II: I think The Gift is a tighter episode but this one is so close. I could never really judge them apart because the Part One has all the wonderful flashbacks and then Part Two delivers the emotional blow. I absolutely adore the flashback of Buffy being called at Hemery High (it's so campy!), the scene where Buffy comes out Joyce, and the moment Buffy's eyes widen as she sees Acathla's portal open behind Angel hits me right in the gut every damn time. The scene of Darla siring Angel is also epic and I love how the episode is bookended ("Close your eyes").
4) Prophecy Girl: This may be Buffy's finest episode in the whole damn series. This is really her episode to shine with her emotional breakdown in the library ("Giles, I'm sixteen years old. I don't wanna die" :(), her iconic crossbow/dress/leather jacket outfit, choosing to face The Master despite the prophecy, and then her triumphant return from the dead. There's so many fantastic moments in this episode from the small tear that trickles down her cheek as the Master whispers in her ear to Buffy's loving "take care" to Willow before accepting her fate.
5) Who Are You: I've just always adored this episode. I'm a big fan of Faith and I love her evolution throughout this episode as she begins to crack. This episode contains a number of my favourite moments from the show including the scene of the victim thanking Faith, Willow & Tara's "spell", the epic church fight, the scene of Faith talking into the mirror, and Faith coming onto Spike at The Bronze.
6) Passion: I think this may be the most heartbreaking episode of the show for me? It never fails to make me blubber. I think it's the first episode where the series really cements itself as a show willing to kill off it's beloved characters and it's probably why I think the Angelus arc is unrivalled by any other storyline in the series. The scene of Giles finding Jenny in his bed is obviously iconic, as is Giles with his flaming bat, but I also adore this episode for the Buffy & Joyce sex talk, the beyond creepy scene of Angelus harassing Joyce on her front lawn, and the gut-wrenching moment Willow breaks down over the phone.
7) Graduation Day I & II: This is a really rare Buffy Season Finale in the sense that it's actually rather triumphant and fun as opposed to the usual heartbreak. My favourite moment is without a doubt the Class of 99 stripping off their gowns to reveal the arsenal underneath and their triumphant battle cry as they charge towards the vampires. But it also contains the Buffy & Angel bite scene which is so well-done and the best fight sequence of the show between Buffy & Faith which is just exhilarating ("That's mine" "You're about to get it back")
8)) Fool For Love: I've never been all that emotionally invested in Spike's character but this episode is just fantastic. The flashbacks are all marvellous and epically shot, I love the insight into Spike's character which completely subverted everything we'd known about him, I love any storyline that delves deeper into the Slayer mythology, and the cuts between Spike & Nikki and Spike & Buffy are beautifully done. This episode is a masterpiece as a character study and when paired with Darla it's one of the greatest things either show ever did.
9) Dopplegangland: I honestly think this episode may be pure perfection from start to finish. There's episodes that are more grandiose or moving but as far as comedic episodes go, I just can't fault it. Every. Single. Scene is brilliant and I can't describe it any other way as just lightning in a bottle. The pacing is brilliant, the acting is top notch, I laugh every time I rewatch it, and the premise is so clever.
10) Restless: A wonderful character study of the Core Four and a bridging moment between the show's past and future. But my favourite moment is without a doubt - "I'm not alone. I walk, I talk, I shop, I sneeze. I'm going to be a fireman when the floods roll back. There's trees in the dessert since you moved out and I don't sleep on a bed of bones. Now give me back my friends" :heart: :thud:

Episodes that just missed the cut: Amends, Once More With Feeling, Pangs, Hush, The Body, Halloween.

I'll do my Angel picks later :)

17-05-18, 03:28 PM
This is so difficult, 10 is not enough!

1. Entropy - I just love the emotion of this episode, it feels so real to me and breaks my heart.

2. Becoming - Buffy's strength shines through, and her sadness when she runs away, the two sides of her character. The truce between soulless vampire and slayer. Has that ever happened before? These two re-shaped the verse in this episode.

3. Intervention - I love the Buffybot and what it means for Spike's character, and that Spike protected Dawn from Glory, and this is the episode Buffy shows she may having feelings, other than disgust, for him.

4. Sleeper - Buffy and Spike actually talking like adults, Spike searching for the truth and accepting his death and Buffy's compassion and love at forgiving him

5. Helpless - Buffy is strong and brave and clever, whether she's a slayer or not, and I love that message.

6. Dead Things - So powerful, so much self hatred and I love the sex scenes as well as the battery in the alley

7. The Wish - I love the idea that the world is a darker and deadlier place without Buffy. Plus Buffy getting her neck snapped by The Master is so horrible

8. Conversations With Dead People - Dawn's segment in this episode actually scared me. It's so well done and I love Buffy talking to a vamp shrink, seeing Joyce and 'Cassie's' exit.

9. Something Blue - I'm a Spuffy fan and seeing my ship loving each other, Spike helping Giles and the scoobies because he loves Buffy, the chemistry between them, it showed this couple could work.

10. Chosen - I love this for a last episode, I love that everyone becomes empowered, I'd watched from Ep 1 and to get to this point, where my hero shares her power and makes us all stronger . . . it was beautiful. Spike's sacrifice, the 'I love you', it was all worth it

Just missed out; Tabula Rasa, OMWF, Lie To Me, Fool for Love, Hush . . . the list is endless :D

17-05-18, 08:48 PM
Only ten? Are you kidding me?

Okay, here they are and they are not in ranking order. There is no ranking order. They are all on top.

1. Smashed

I simply love the final scene of this episode.

2. School Hard

Spike and Drusilla - what more can I say?

3. Becoming Part 2

One of the most significant lines of the whole series and it is just a two letter word: Me.

4. Touched

Will you just hold me?

5. The Body

Outstanding acting performance by SMG. Just brilliant. This episode gives me goosebumps, every time.

6. The Gift

Best season finale of all seven seasons. No, wait! Best season final in TV-history!

7. Who Are You

Eliza Dushku playing Buffy and SMG playing Faith -- it`s amazing!

8. The Puppet Show

I wanted to name one episode from season 1 because it is such an underrated season.

9. Seeing Red

This episode is so important, heartwrenching, brilliant, emotional gutting and daring.....

10.Something Blue

Something funny ;-)

Fool for Love, Chosen, Lie To Me, Normal Again, Once More With Feeling, Tabula Rasa, Hush, many more missed out. I can`t believe it.....


Sosa lola
17-05-18, 09:35 PM
1) Restless

It was such a weird and interesting episode with a different style. I really loved how Joss captured the dream world well, adding something insignificant and meaningless like the cheeseman. Also, when Xander was showing his friends Apocalypse Now and insisting that it gets better but on screen it’s just a soldier walking - I’ve had the exact same dream except with a different movie. I also love that everything that goes in a character’s dream is entirely from their POV. Like when Buffy calls Xander her brother, that’s not how Buffy sees Xander, that’s how Xander believes that Buffy sees him.

2) The Body

It’s a masterpiece, I loved that there was no music in the whole episode, I love the raw performances of all the characters.

3) The Zeppo

Other than the obvious XANDER reasons, I really, really loved how the show makes fun of itself here, the way the A plot took the backseat to the B plot, and of course the unreliable narration of Xander. The episode was cleverly written and done.

4) Passion

I hate that Jenny died, but this episode really showed Angelus as a dark and creepy villain that should be feared. What he did to Giles there in the end with the roses and the dead body of his girlfriend waiting for him on his bed - OUCH! that’s the doing of a heartless psycho! I wish Angelus was this creative and vicious throughout S2 and not just in this episode.

5) Innocence

The twist with Angel losing his soul was mind blowing! I imagine, this episode was what made BtVS stand out and gain popularity. I love everything about the episode! I hurt so bad for Buffy and Jenny, and also Giles’ conflict and choosing Buffy in the end. The Xandelia reveal, Willow starting to like Oz, and Xander being simply awesome in the episode and reminding me why I enjoy him more in the high school years than the later years.

6) Prophecy Girl

Buffy kicking ass in a beautiful dress, Willow’s tears giving Buffy the strength and will to face the Master, “I’m sixteen years old. I don’t wanna die,” Xander swallowing his pride and going to Angel for help as well as saving Buffy’s life, Jenny learning that Buffy is the Slayer, Cordelia to the rescue, and Giles wanting to face the Master instead of Buffy.

7) Fool For Love

I love how this episode is written. I love Spike’s backstory and how shocking it was - especially since I’ve read The Stranger Things Series before watching this episode - and I simply LOVE the ending.

8) Selfless

Anya is the character with the most potential but was wasted on comic relief. This episode did her justice in a way no other episode did. It’s also my favorite S7 episode.

9) Hush

This is probably the scariest BtVS episode ever. I love when Joss experiments with epsiodes. Also, it’s got Spike calling Xander Nummy Treat!!!

10) The Gift

What I loved about this episode is that every single character had an important part to play. Every single relationship had a final and important scene. It feels more like a series finale than Chosen - which I’m bitter about to no end.