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12-05-18, 10:05 PM
WhedonCon 2018 (https://www.whedoncon.com/) is happening next weekend in Los Angeles! Who is going? I'll be there.

I've signed up for a "meet & greet" with Jonathan Woodward (Holden Webster from BtVS S7, Knox from AtS S5, and one ep of Firefly). Does anybody have any questions they'd like me to ask him?

I might also have a chance to talk with James Leary (Clem), Mercedes McNab (Harmony), Julia Lee (Chaterelle, Lily, Anne Steele), and Dagney Kerr (Buffy's roommate Kathy), so if there's something you really want to know from any of them, pass it on and I'll do my best.

Alas, the con is a little short on writers this year. Those tend to be the most interesting conversations. I'll muddle through somehow. :p

(Let me know if this post should go on the "outside the shows" forum, instead.

12-05-18, 11:02 PM
Rebcake Hope you have a great time! Please tell us all about it when you get back. I've never been to a con but I'd love to go. Are you a con regular? I do have a question, if you get the chance, though I am sure someone else will ask Mercedes McNab this, but I've always wondered if she thought Spike and Harmony were a viable long-term couple, and if not, what other character did she think Harmony would be most suited to?