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29-03-18, 08:40 PM
I really want to get into reading the comics and I was wondering, if there is a chronological order in which all comics would fit ? Not only the Buffy comics but also the Angel comics, the Angel & Faith Comics and everything else, like the Spike Comics, Fray the Giles mini-series and so on.


Vampire in Rug
29-03-18, 09:40 PM
I assume you’re talking about the canon comics?

I’d start off with Fray, Tales of the Vampire and Tales of the Slayers. These stories are largely unconnected to Buffy’s story (for the most part) and the chronology ranges from the past all the way to the future. Fray is really good.

Then The Origin is set prior to BtVS season one.

The various High School Years stories are set during season one.

Angel: Long Night’s Journey is set during AtS season 2 and is maybe canon.

Spike: After the Fall is set after AtS season 5

Angel: After the Fall is set after Spike: After the Fall

IDW’s Spike series is set a few months after ATF

BtVS season 8 is set a year and a half after the show ended, which would begin maybe six months after AtS ended? Takes place after all the IDW stuff. Then the season format just follows numberical order.

BtVS season 9 and Angel & Faith season 9 take place at the same time, with Willow: Wonderland and Spike: a Dark Place taking place during season 9.

Then BtVS season 10 and A&F season 10 happen at the same time.

BtVS season 11 and Angel season 11 start at the same time too. The Giles miniseries takes place during season 11.

Then BtVS season 12 will be the final canonical comic book season.

That’s all the canonical Buffyverse series in chronological order. Mind you, a decent portion of them aren’t good.

30-03-18, 03:22 PM
Just to go into a bit more detail in addition to what ViR said, going by paperbacks titles:

Angel After the Fall (4 volumes collecting 17 issues)
Spike After the Fall (miniseries, it takes place early in the Fall but reading it first would give spoilers for the main series).
(First Angel story dealing with after Not Fade Away, co-written with Joss)

Spike Alone Together Now
Spike Stranger Things
(IDW's series that turned into a bridge to S8, reading it early won't hurt, the design of Willow is clearly from Long Way Home)

Buffy S8:
The Long Way Home
No Future for You
Wolves at the Gate
Time of Your Life
Predators and Prey
Last Gleaming
(It's best to read Fray just before she shows up in the main series IMO)

S9-Buffy and Angel & Faith plus miniseries
Buffy Freefall/A & F Live Through This
Buffy On Your Own/A & F Daddy Issues
Buffy Guarded/ A & F Family Reunion/Willow Wonderland mini
Spike A Dark Place mini/Buffy Welcome to the Team/A & F Death and Consequences
Buffy The Core (plus Love vs Life Billy short)/ A & F What You Want, Not What You Need

Buffy/ A & F S10
New Rules/Where the River Meets the Sea
I Wish/Lost & Found
Love Dares You/United
Old Demons/A Little More Than Kin
In Pieces on the Ground/A Tale of Two Families (end of A & F S10)
Own It (Buffy)

Buffy S11/Angel S11 plus Giles mini (mini wraps in May, paperback out in July)
The Spread of Their Evil/Out of The Past
One Girl in All the World/Time and Tide/Giles Girl Blue
Angel: Dark Reflections
(Angel was split into 3 arcs of 4 while Buffy was in two arcs of 6, Angel has a time travel element which sounds like is part of S12 so IMO best to end with Angel).

S12 The Reckoning, 4 issues (starting in comic shops and online in June, paperback will be out by the end of year).

30-03-18, 04:41 PM
Thanks so much to both of you !