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08-03-18, 10:00 PM
Throughout BtVS and AtS, which character do you think went through the most changes, or changed the most from when we first met them to the end of the show. Or even till the end of S11, if you read the comics.

08-03-18, 10:52 PM
Willow Rosenberg.

From meek, shy, nerd with very little self-confidence to someone who considers her wishes and desires more important than the world not having magical apocalypses and being more powerful than Glory, Illyria, and Quor-Toth. To being immortal and wanting Buffy to kill her.

I maintain Willow should have kept the Seedling insider her.

Cordelia Chase is because of Jasmine; therefore, I don't count Cordy.

Second to Willow is Spike.

09-03-18, 12:08 AM
Willow certainly, and Spike. Also Connor - from a baby to an angry, crazy and vengeful teenager, to an adjusted and loving son and finally to the heroic and compassionate young man he is today (in the comics, I love him).

09-03-18, 12:48 AM
I think Willow and Spike, but they both have similar character issues/starting points, dark periods and movement towards balance. They both have arguably the most explored arcs in BtVS beyond Buffy so, probably not a surprising answer.

09-03-18, 07:28 AM
Not sure if this would be a different thread - but I'd kinda like to look at more than who had the biggest. Because I think a lot of characters had big arcs, but retained their basic natures. I might be at a serious disadvantage - never really got into the comics so I don't have their arc continuations.

Willow's arc was from shy nerdy teen to accomplished witch - but she never really left shy nerdy teen behind. She wanted the power to help, so she developed new ways to help. She wanted power - she developed power - she discovered the drawbacks of dark power. She has always needed to have an effect on the people around her.

Spike was love's bitch. He went from evil to good, but he remains love's bitch. He no longer needs an enmeshed relationship but he would never allow the person/people he loves to take serious damage without his active opposition. He has always run on emotion.

Wesley went from an abused child locked under a staircase to as close as he could get to being his father's tool - and then to Angel's right hand man. He broke away when he took Connor, but he still needed Angel's inspiration, needed to be part of Angel's journey. He has always needed to know, to understand, and to make the hard decisions other can't. Kind of a watcher trait..

Angel went from psychopathic mind fecker to a champion - but he retained the need to be in control.

I don't want to go through every arc, but I was recently talking about Wesley on another thread and I think he had a strong arc. So what is a strong arc? How much do you have to change and how much do you remain the same?

Did Xander and Fred have an arc? What about Gunn and Giles?

09-03-18, 08:14 AM
Wesley and Spike would be the main two for me. :)

09-03-18, 09:44 AM
Cordelia certainly went through major character changes. She started off as the typical mean girl and throughout BtVS she changed to become a scoobie, putting her life on the line to help save her friends. It was a major changes in her personality. Then when she moved over to AtS she had more major growth, finally becoming a Champion in her own right. She took on the visions, something the Cordelia Chase from years previously would never have done, and finally became a Higher Being. For me, Cordy had one of the biggest character changes on either show.

Sosa lola
09-03-18, 10:36 AM
I would say that Willow, Spike, Wesley and Cordelia are the characters that changed the most.

05-04-18, 06:32 PM
Willow, Spike.
Some might say Anya too. From vengeance demon to...someone who dies fighting on the side of humans with no personal self-interest involved.
Also...Does Andrew count? He goes from being an evil uber-geek to a supposedly "good" womaniser type in TGIQ?