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25-02-18, 11:48 AM
Hey all,

Drusilla is a wonderful and intriguing character and we see her on BtVS as well as on AtS. We see her one decade long relationship with Spike, her rather twisted relationship with Angelus and her attachement to Darla. Having been a seer before she went insane, her visions are now rather a punishment to her, than a gift. But her visons, even though she is often misunderstood, are (as far as I remember) always true. She also has - like Spike - the ability to love, she has great passion and a strong sense of family.

The last time we see her on AtS and BtVS, is, when she leaves Spike`s crypt after the fight with Buffy in Crush.

It does not really make sense, that Buffy does not even try, to go after her and stake her. We know, that she has spared vampires before, namely Angel and Spike (who in a similar way just ran off in Halloween or jumped into a sewer in Harsh Light Of The Day without Buffy even trying to get after him and stake him). But in Angel` s case as well as in Spike`s case, they were both spared, because the writers weren`t yet finished with them.

That is not the case with Dru. We never see her again (ecxcept in flashbacks) and as far as I know, the comics in which she appears are not canon.

I think, that Drusilla leaving in Crush and never returning is a missed opportunity, because she was such a wonderful character and Juliet Landau acting was brilliantly.

So, if you would have been one of the writers, what story line would you have come up with for her ? It doesn`t matter, if it is on BtVS or AtS and if it is pre-Chosen or pre-NFA or post series endings. Just tell me, what you would have done with her character other than just let her disappear into the blue.

I think, that staking her in Crush - although it would have been heartbreaking - could have been a wise plot line. It could either have been Buffy or Spike, who stakes her or maybe it could haveeven been some kind of accident, were Buffy throws Drusilla in Spike`s direction and she happens to fall on a stake he has in his hand. That could have led to a lot of guilt on Spike`s side.

Another plot line could have been, to get Drusilla somehow involved in the upbringing of Connor. Maybe she could have worked with Holtz or she could have kidnapped Connor herself as a baby.

Finally, she could have been reported of massacring another orphanage somewhere during the comic season and Buffy and Spike (maybe Angel too) would feel obliged, to finally go after her and stake her.

A spell by Willow to restore her soul could have been interesting as well. But I believe, that she could not have taken all the guilt and memories of her murderers and maybe would have dusted herself.


25-02-18, 01:09 PM
I would have liked to see her show up in S7, perhaps for a small arc, so that we could have seen her reaction to Spike’s soul. Instead of having The First appear as Drusilla they could have had her actually be an agent of The First enlisted to try and corrupt Spike. That would’ve been fun and I can imagine it fitting in quite nicely in the first half of the season when Spike was still unstable.

I can also imagine her popping up again quite easily in AtS S4 whilst LA was in permanent darkness. Vampires were supposed to be travelling to LA precisely for that so that’s a perfect excuse to have Dru reappear. What the plot would be, I’m not sure, perhaps she could have teamed up with Angelus and let him out of his cage? If that’s too much a retread of BtVS S2 I agree that some storyline revolving around Connor would work. She’d probably have considered him her grandson (she refers to Darla as both her grandmother and daughter after siring her).

25-02-18, 03:51 PM
We have seen Dru in the canon comics. She appeared in London and toyed with Angel and Faith, and nearly took away all of Fatih's memories. I also think Buffy didn't dust her in Crush because she knew how much it would affect Spike.

Personally I don't want anymore Dru. I don't find her a very interesting character. I'd rather see more of Darla, she's a far more interesting character to me, though I don't need her being bought back from the dead again.

Perhaps Dru will be one of the characters slated for death at the end of S12. They have to kill off some characters and she'd be and interesting one to kill. He death could be shown to have a deep affect on Spike and Angel. (Sorry I know this doesn't answer the original post at all :()

Fool for Buffy
25-02-18, 07:22 PM
I'll take more Drusilla and Darla together. I love them. On her own, I appreciate what Drusilla has done in the comics, but think we got just enough of her in the show. However I'm including season 7 in that with her as the first. Without that, I may have been asking for more. Spike being able to survive the torments of First Drusilla was a nice conclusion to their arc.

25-02-18, 08:16 PM
Well, since my first major story, and my epic series are centered around Dru, I think it's clear what I want. I love the idea that Dru finds her own redemption too.

If you're curious, feel free to read "How Drusilla Got Her Soul Back" and the (ongoing) sequel "Turned from Darkness". With the help of a crossover universe of characters, she helps Buffy, the scoobies and AI work to save the world.

The story is here:

How Drusilla Got Her Soul Back (https://www.tthfanfic.org/Story-17764/DeepBlueJoy+How+Drusilla+Got+Her+Soul+Back.htm)

Since it was my first long form story, in spite of my efforts at fixing it later on, it is not perfect (none of my other stories is perfect either, but I have improved a bit). I'm still proud of it. The story is on Twisting the Hellmouth, and also on AO3.

I would love to see more stories about Dru with a soul... I can't imagine it would be easy... so if anyone likes the idea, please share your story. If you've found good Dru centric stories, please let me know. IMO, Angel and Spike got redeemed and got their souls, Darla got redeemed by dying for Connor to be born... and that left Dru... she needed her run for redemption.