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24-01-18, 06:35 PM
My favourite male character is Spike. He's such a complex character, has so much depth and personality, he crosses boundaries and can't easily be categorised, being a monstrous killer and an adorable idiot. He's so compelling and his journey is fascinating.

24-01-18, 07:20 PM
Spike's number one, followed by Giles. I gave some other votes to characters I really like but they're definitely my two best guys.

25-01-18, 02:38 AM
Voted for Spike, Angel, Oz, Giles, and also the Mayor for being one of my favorite villains, and other - Holtz - for also being one of my favorite antagonists/villains.

25-01-18, 07:08 AM
The Mayor and Ethan Rayne are two of my favourites. They were written with character, not just two dimensional bad guys. They have a history and a personal journey, and I wish Ethan hadn't been killed off in the comics

25-01-18, 10:39 AM
I wish Ethan hadn't been killed off in the comics

You and me both. Far too good a character to be squandered away like that. Yet another reason I hate season 8 I'm afraid.

25-01-18, 11:29 AM
I voted for Angel, Spike, Connor and Wes because they are amongst my top favourite characters. Spike of course is my total fave, but I find all of them fascinating. The influences their insecurities have on them is really interesting and there is real cohesion through their arcs that tie to these issues and I appreciate that coherent character building. That we get to see Spike's overall progression, his complete journey just adds layers and makes his character exploration just that bit deeper. Plus, I love his snark and attitude too.

I probably should have included Oz as well, as I really like him, but we didn't get much development for him to get really stuck into so he never hit the high notes the others did for me. I think I'm drawn to troubled guys, ha. I also loved The Mayor and Snyder's characters as well. Heck there is something to like about so many BtVS characters, it's what makes the shows so great.

25-01-18, 12:11 PM
I liked Oz, he is uber cool, but he's also a blank slate and there's not much there. He's probably the most perfect male character, he is virtually flawless even when he's a werewolf.

25-01-18, 12:13 PM
Which imo can make him rather boring sometimes.

For me It's Spike, Angel, Giles, Wesley, Ethan Rayne, Xander.

If I had to narrow it down I'd say Spike, Angel and Wesley as I feel they had the most interesting story arcs and characters development.

25-01-18, 01:49 PM
Yes Oz can seem boring, which is odd because he's so cool, in a band, deeply supportive of Willow, is really brave while having no super powers. I'm not a fan of Wesley. I love Giles, but mainly because of ASH's performance. Most of the male characters have major problems when looked at through modern eyes though Oz comes off the best I think, because he was so blank to begin with.

25-01-18, 04:04 PM
Thing is I'm not modern and I adore highly flawed characters in fiction.

Imo next to Spike Wes had one of the most complex and engaging story arcs in the Buffyverse. How he started was far from how he ended.

25-01-18, 04:54 PM
Wow, the comics (that is BtVS S8, and Season 9) have greatly soured me on some of the male characters. I could only list Spike, as he wasn't too damaged by the comics.

BtVS S7 soured me on Giles.

I consider Wesley in AtS s1-s4 possibly because of Jasmine.

I never hated Oz, but Oz is merely okay.

25-01-18, 05:51 PM
I have to say, that i do like every character in the Buffyverse. Okay, maybe not Riley. But my really favorite male character is Spike. I chose Wesley as well, just because I think, he is so cute. And I also voted for Robin Wood, who, in my humble opinion, is the most underrated male character in the Buffyverse.


25-01-18, 10:29 PM
Well, sorry guys, but I don't subscribe to the popular wisdom that a character has to be a jerk in order not to be boring... :p
I've always loved Oz and found him to be incredibly funny in a deadpan way. I love his calm reactions to finding out things that would make anyone else freak out and how he just took everything in stride:

She hears a locker slam behind her and spins toward the
noise, notices Oz quickly bearing down on her, takes him by the neck and
shoves him into the wall.
Buffy: Try it!
Oz: (confused) Try what?
She realizes she's made a mistakes and lets go of his neck.
Buffy: Uh... (exhales) I-I'm sorry.
Oz: Still not clear what I'm supposed to try.
Buffy: Nothing. God, I'm... sorry, I... (walks away embarrassed)
Oz (to himself): That is a tense person.
(What's My Line part 1)

Willow: (to Oz) Are you okay?
Oz: Yeah. Hey, did everybody see that guy just turn to dust?
Willow: Uh, well, uh... sort of.
Xander: Yep. Vampires are real. A lot of them live in Sunnydale.
(gestures between Willow and Oz) Willow will fill you in. (walks off)
Willow: I know it's hard to accept at first.
Oz: Actually, it explains a *lot*.

Cut to a view of Sunnydale from atop a hill. The sun is coming up in the
distance. Cut to the werewolf asleep on the ground in the woods. The
camera pans from its hind paws over to its head. When sunlight hits the
werewolf it morphs back into its human form. Oz wakes up, opens his eyes
and looks around confused. He sits up and stares around at the forest.
He looks down at himself and realizes he's naked.
Oz: Huh.
The dining room at Oz's house. He's on the phone with his aunt.
Oz: Aunt Maureen. Hey, it's me. Um, what? Oh! It's, uh... actually it's
healing okay. That's pretty much the reason I called. Um, I wanted to
ask you something. Is Jordy a werewolf? Uh-huh. And how long has that
been going on? Uh-huh. What? No, no reason. Um... Thanks. Yeah, love to
Uncle Ken.

(Only it is much better with Seth Green's delivery.)

It's true that the show didn't develop him as much as it could - and Seth Green decided to leave the show just as the show was starting to develop him more. But there were things to explore - not only did we learn that, in spite of his monosyllabic manner, he was thinking deep, even philosophical thoughts all the time (Earshot), but it was also hinted that he had a duality inside of him. Oz being a werewolf was always ironic because he was the last person you'd suspect, with his calm and collected manner - while the werewolf state is the exact opposite of that. In season 2 and 3, his werewolf nature mostly seemed to be played as something that had nothing to do with his regular personality. But we already saw glimpses of his impulsive, passionate side that would come out suddenly and in full force, usually when it was something to do with Willow (punching out Xander in Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered, smashing the box in Choices), and then in season 4, we saw that the werewolf nature and the regular human nature weren't so clearly divided, as Oz had explosive emotional reactions and would wolf out, even in broad daylight, due to them (Wild At Heart, New Moon Rising). If Seth Green had remained on the show, maybe we would have seen his struggle in more detail.

25-01-18, 10:37 PM
Well, sorry guys, but I don't subscribe to the popular wisdom that a character has to be a jerk in order not to be boring..

I don't think anyones said that have they? Being flawed is very human and can lead to the most interesting stories.