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26-05-17, 09:42 PM
Can anyone recommend any good Buffy novels that have great "Buffy-speak"?

I tried to read a few in the past, but the plots were too convoluted and the villains much too serious. To me personally, almost every villain on Buffy had fairly simple goals and motivations, mainly regarding either the Hellmouth or killing Buffy, and they were also somewhat comical. However, several of the books I read had complex plots that were kinda boring and the bad guys way too serious.

As a fan, I want read a novelization as if Iím watching an episode of the show. I love the witty banter between the characters the most. I just finished "Apocalypse Memories" and it was okay.

So rant over...can anyone please suggest a few books that they enjoyed reading? Or any fanfiction with good "Buffy-speak" where the characters seem true to the show?

Thanks in advance!

05-06-17, 11:19 PM
Okay, so I bought a bunch of paperbacks based on suggestions from another Buffy forum. But it would be so nice to read a PDF or eBook version on my eReader. My next request is...does anyone know where I can find PDF or epub versions of any Buffy or Angel novels?

07-06-17, 01:44 AM
Most of the older ones are around in .lit form. Some of the omnibuses in .mobi. It would probably be against the rules to tell you where.

The newer ones, like Spark and Burn and Queen of the Slayers and whatnot, I don't think they're available in ebook formats.

07-06-17, 06:59 PM
Thanks and I understand. I am not interested in the comic book versions. Only the novels in digital versions

13-06-17, 07:30 PM
I was excited to find a few novelizations of the episodes from Buffy and thought they might be fun to read. But...just no. It sucks because the writers had such great material and dialogue, but they somehow made it dry and boring. I wish they would update the books with a more modern style. :hurt:

15-06-17, 09:25 PM
Bought a bunch of books, so I'm good now. Thanks to everyone who offered suggestions. (Can close thread...)