View Full Version : Which character has been the most loyal to Buffy?

01-02-17, 01:39 PM
I consider Willow has been the most loyal to Buffy.

Buffy’s boyfriends leave Buffy and all have betrayed her. Giles has betrayed Buffy and Giles after BtVS S3 has looked for excuses to abandon her. Xander has the Big Lie but what’s even more important is that he never told Buffy of the Big Lie and Buffy and Willow don’t find out about it until “Selfless” (B 7.05) when Xander very hypocritically argues that Anya shouldn’t be killed. Xander also has his late BtVS S9 actions. Obviously, those like Cordelia and Anya aren’t the most loyal to Buffy.

Willow’s loyalty to Buffy from around late BtVS S2 is mixed up with Willow’s want of magical power but Willow is relatively remarkably supportive of Buffy. She re-ensouls Angel simply because she knows Buffy wants to be with Angel. She decides to attend UC Sunnydale mostly because that’s where Buffy is forced to attend—and it seems Willow would have gone to Brown or Northwestern if either were where Buffy decided to go. Willow didn’t much like Angel and Riley but Willow was very supportive of those relationships. Once Willow learns of Buffy/Spike, she is relatively very supportive of that relationship. Willow takes a lot of risk to resurrect Buffy and when Buffy is back Willow immediately relinquishes the leadership position of the Scoobies. Willow helps Buffy’s plan to kill the First Turok-han even though it seems Willow could have easier killed the First Turok-han. Willow does the Empowerment Spell even though it probably would have been better to simply create a huge ball of sunshine.

Willow’s major betrayal is telling Buffy the Seed should be protected at all costs. But Buffy was only in such a situation because Giles didn’t even tell Buffy of the SuperSlayer and SuperVampire Prophecy and Spike still had not come back to Buffy. Willow in BtVS S9 abandons Buffy but so does Spike. And Willow recreates the Seed largely because Willow somehow didn’t think she could reform Dawn.

a thing of evil
02-02-17, 12:06 AM
"Willow's on her way (...) she'll come through...she always does." ~ Buffy Summers

Yeah, Willow's a good choice, I think.

Willow in BtVS S9 abandons Buffy but so does Spike.

A nitpick. I don't think that those situations are comparable. Buffy sees them as identical ( They leave, they all leave!!!:cutecry: ) because she's weird and tends to lump Willow together with her boyfriends (!) and her boyfriend ( and father! ) abandonment issues. It's very interesting and also completely crazy because 1. obviously, Willow isn't Buffy's boyfriend, duh 2. Willow doesn't leave because she decided that her relationship with Buffy just doesn't/cannot work ( like Angel, Riley, Spike ) 3. Her departure isn't about Buffy. Seriously, unlike the boyfriend crap, it's not personal. Willow still loves Buffy, would still bring her back and so on. Willow leaves because she has a mission. Bring back the magic, save the world and whatnot. Spike leaves because he doesn't want to be Buffy's dark place or whatever - his reasons are personal.