View Full Version : Buffy casting director talks about casting the show

14-12-16, 03:08 PM
Maybe you're be already seen this link on Whedonesque, but it's interesting enough to get posted here, I think. There's a recent interview with Marcia Schulman, who was the casting director for Buffy, on the Red Room Podcast, as episode 3 of their new Big Bad Buffy interviews (they've also had interviews with David Fury and Kristine Sutherland): http://redroompodcast.com/archives/5703

I've known of some of these things before (e.g. the recasting of Willow, the way David Boreanaz was 'discovered', the fact SMG was initially auditioning for Cordelia and almost got the part, or that Julie Benz and some other actresses on the show were initially auditioning for Buffy), but not in so many details, and not all of these.

One of the tidbits: Joss wanted Marc Blucas to play Riley, while Marcia Shulman was against it. (I wonder what exactly he saw in him, other than his height and build.) While Marcia was in favor of Davd Boreanaz for Angel from the first moment and had to convince Joss. There's evidence that Joss should rely on women to judge male attractiveness. ;)

On the other hand, I'm so relieved she did not manage to cast Katie Holmes as Buffy. :xd