View Full Version : Back From the Shadows

Heroine X
03-08-16, 01:42 AM
Hey. I've returned to the forums after a long time of hiatus. For those who are new to the forums you can learn some facts about me as well as what's new in my life.

I was originally on the forums invited by a good friend of mine who was also on the forums. I originally written a fan fiction virtual series, a set of them to be exact, which include a Buffy and Angel continuity as well as a spin off and three mini series'. I think it was three. Anyways, that didn't work out because it turns out, I'm just too unfocused. Even now.

So, what's new in my life? I've started getting back into the Buffyverse after getting Netflix where I can get a chance to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel both on Netflix. I now like Spike all over again after a huge period of not liking him. That's too much of a long story, but I'll be willing to explain if interested. But I like Spike, but I still like Riley Finn as seen on my profile. However, my #1 most favorite Buffyverse character now is Wesley Wyndam Pryce.

Other interests? I've been into stuff such as Total Drama, the Evil Dead series, Digimon, Power Rangers, etc. Some things never change with me, but then again there are some things that have changed.

I'm still writing, and yet, totally unfocused. As for writing fan fiction in the Buffyverse category? Well, yeah. I'm considering it. Just two spin offs, mainly the Riley one, not the one on the 2012 archives, but the AU Buffyverse and unrelated to the comics, just like the continuities were.

Sorry about all the rambling :err:, I'm just trying to find a way to speak up after not being on the forums for so long.