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Firstly, to respond to those 5 things:

* The cookie dough speech was Buffy’s simply trying to keep her ‘Angel option’ open and she was completely successful in that regard. The actual speech wasn’t her saying, “I’ll be with you in the future.” It was, “If I don’t die in the upcoming fight, if things don’t work out with Spike, if things don’t work out with others after Spike whom I’ll be with, I maybe, one day, maybe years from now, maybe never, decide to be with you if I don’t die before that time in the possible future.”

* The Scythe: The Powers That Be are about Balance. They considered the Scythe was necessary for Buffy to defeat Caleb and to defeat the Turok-han army. If Buffy had accepted the power boost in “Get It Done” (B 7.15) that the Shadowmen offered her, she perhaps wouldn’t have known about the Scythe much less have it.

* Nikki Wood’s Slayer Bag: it could have simply been her ‘weapons bag’ not something that needed to be ‘passed down’ to the next Slayer.

* The Box that gave the knowledge of the origins of the Slayer and that made a portal to the Shadowmen: How many Slayers before Buffy had both a magical person which could bring Buffy back (and even BtVS S7 Willow needed power from Anya and Kennedy to reopen the portal) and who had another or others with the ability to capture or kill a beast that would be the ‘exchange’? Nikki Wood certainly didn’t have such people. Perhaps it only makes sense that the Powers That Be are responsible for Robin Wood having the box and simply made him believe Nikki also had it.

* The Attempted Rape in “Seeing Red” (B 6.19): Spike’s attempting to rape Buffy never made any sense to me given there’s around zero evidence that he would ever even think of raping Drusilla. Spike wouldn’t think to rape Harmony Kendall. Spike had been drinking, he did want to have sex with Buffy, but somehow he becomes overcome with lust for Buffy and he attempts to rape her. Maybe he was suddenly extremely horny. The AR simply doesn’t make sense.

Buffy’s being weakened is the result of her emotional state after Spike had sex with Anya. Buffy’s emotional state affects her strength and durability. Her being so injured after getting tossed into a tombstone simply reflects how figuratively and literally hurt she was after seeing Spike’s having sex with Anya.

* The First Evil could torture Spike with drowning. I remember that originally, that vat of water in “Bring on the Night” (B 7.10) was going to be Holy Water, but UPN’s Standards and Practices vetoed that idea. The First Evil obviously had a trigger in Spike; it could have some power over Spike’s mind and/or body to the point that Spike could be ‘waterboarded’.

* Spike’s ‘night vision’ in “Killer In Me” (B 7.13) possibly being affected could simply be because of the chip. The chip was clearly affecting Spike’s brain and the eyes are connected to the brain.

My problems with the Buffyverse (I wrote these years ago and last edited them in 2008 C.E. before now to only include ‘things that don’t make sense’.)



* Buffy Anne Summers is newly 17 years old when Angel had sex with her (“Surprise” (B 2.13)): Angel committed statutory rape. Joyce Summers is only concerned about this fact for around a moment (“Passion” (B 2.17)).

* After “School Hard” (B 2.03), the Scoobies seem to have around zero concern regarding Spike and Drusilla unless Spike and Dru actually appear in the episode.

Episode stuff:

“Some Assembly Required” (B 2.02):

* Willow Rosenberg has one of the 3 most attractive female heads at Sunnydale High School? If so, why are not more guys interested in her? It seemed only Oz and Xander were.

* The idea was to try to create “the perfect woman” physically for the zombie football player. However, given all the stitching and such done to put all the body parts together, why not simply choose someone, kill the person, and bring the person back to life, something actually thought up later (“The Zeppo” (B 3.13)). Why not take Cordelia Chase to begin with?

“School Hard” (B 2.03):

* Angel comes into the library to tell the Scooby Gang that Spike is worse than any creature Buffy has faced, which would include such beings as Luke (“Welcome to Hellmouth” (B 1.01), “The Harvest” (B 1.02)), the Master (“Prophecy Girl” (B 1.12)), praying mantis woman (Teacher’s Pet” (B 1.04)), etc., and he tells the Scoobies that Spike doesn’t stop a conquest until everything in his path is dead. Rupert Giles nor Buffy nor anyone ever question Angel on his knowledge of Spike. It is implied in “Fool For Love” (B 5.07) that “Fool For Love” was the FIRST time Buffy learns of the ‘Fanged Four’.

Angel obviously knows about William the Bloody aka Spike. Alexander Lavelle Harris (Xander) witnesses that Angel and Spike know each other and were good friends, and that Angel was Spike’s “Yoda” and “sire”. Yet it seems Xander never mentions any of this ever to anyone in BtVS S2 or later in the Buffyverse.

We see in BtVS S2 that Giles has been researching Spike yet none of that research seems to include getting information on him from Angel.

“Halloween” (B 2.06):

* Cordelia seems to think she is much better able to be with Angel than Buffy is even though in “Never Kill a Boy on the First Date” (B 1.05) both Angel and the male hottie of the school Owen Thurman are interested in Buffy and not her and in this episode Angel rushes to Buffy and doesn’t seem actually interested in Cordelia.

* Given Angel has been ‘alive’ SINCE becoming a vampire, why does Buffy thinks she should look like girls Angel may have ‘been with’ when he was a human? Does she think Angel hasn’t been interested in anyone since he was cursed 100 years ago? Given Angel is obviously interested in and seems to love Buffy the way she is, why does she think she is inadequate for Angel? Buffy dresses up and tries to look like someone human Angel may have dated 240 plus years ago. It would be something like if Buffy dressed up as Cecily Underwood for Spike.

- More disturbing but equally to more effective, why wouldn’t Buffy given Buffy’s logic here dress up like Darla for Angel?

- Remember also that it seems Buffy never learns of Angel’s human name of Liam.

* The woman in the Watcher diary on Angel that Buffy and Willow have has a name Sarah Collonwood or something right next to the picture yet Buffy and Willow say there is no name there.

* Buffy bleaches and/or dies her hair blonde and such, Buffy knows Angel’s sire, who Angel was supposedly with for about 150 years, is a blonde, so why would Buffy think that Angel would find Buffy more attractive and appealing wearing a black wig?

* Why wouldn’t Buffy have some kind of stake on her person when trick-or-treating?

- Just because vampires and such supposedly take the night off on Halloween, should she assume Spike would? the vampire who crashed Parents Teachers night on a Thursday instead of waiting two more days for St. Vigeous?

* Buffy considers Willow should be more wild, yet Buffy the Junior and almost 17 year-old is still a virgin (for all we know, Buffy’s only ever gotten to ‘first base’ i.e. kissing). In addition, Buffy’s idea of a sexy outfit for Angel is a relatively ugly princess dress while she has Willow opt for the street hooker look. Buffy’s normal school outfits are much ‘wilder’ than her supposedly sexy and wild Halloween costume.

* Buffy, even though she is wearing a Dolce and Gabbana tank top shirt and implies to Giles in “Welcome to the Hellmouth” (B 1.01) that she shops at Neiman Marcus and Joyce bought her a designer dress for the Prom, even though Buffy is only a Sophomore at the time (“Prophecy Girl” (B 1.12)), and we assume Buffy is not going to have any problem affording college, somehow Buffy thinks the princess Halloween costume is out of her price range.

* Buffy’s letting Spike scurry off isn’t addressed in this episode by any of Xander, Angel, and Cordelia and seems to never be mentioned in the Buffyverse.

“Becoming Part II” (B 2.22):

* Buffy assumes Drusilla killed Kendra, the Slayer who Buffy got into a standstill with in “What’s My Line Part I” (B 2.09), Buffy’s hurt leg besides. Spike wants Drusilla. Yet when Buffy and Spike are negotiating in Buffy’s house, Buffy demands that Drusilla die and after Spike refuses to agree to such nonsense, Buffy tells Spike that if Giles dies, Drusilla will die.

- Buffy considers she needs Spike’s help to defeat Angel and to defeat the Acathla plan. Why does Buffy try to threaten Dru’s life? Buffy herself given Drusilla’s ease at killing Kendra Young (“Becoming Part I” (B 2.21)) wouldn’t easily be able to kill Drusilla, Buffy cannot easily kill Spike, and Buffy has to deal with killing Angel. Given it is assumed Buffy will fight Angel and Spike will fight Drusilla, for Buffy’s threat to be threatening, Buffy would need to kill Angel and then kill Drusilla over Spike’s objections and probably kill Spike too given Spike would try and kill her for trying to kill Drusilla.

BtVS 3.20 “The Prom”

* The parasol is an insulting gift for Buffy.

Sunnydale is an upper-middle class town modeled after Santa Barbara or some like California coastal town. For saving many Sunnydale students’ and other residents’ lives for the past three years the students of Sunnydale High School POOLED their money together and this mass of money that should have AT LEAST been in the hundreds but probably at least in the thousands of dollars only managed to get a crappy parasol. How about getting Buffy a decent car or have a monument to Buffy in Sunnydale or at the school or name a building or something after her?

* Buffy’s prom dress was not sexy, so how she thought Angel would “lose it” seeing her in that dress is beyond comprehension.

- Moreover, let us remember how Buffy usually dressed in BtVS S1-S2 and some of BtVS S3. Angel didn’t ‘lose it’ when Buffy was wearing such clothing.


* The Initiative it seems first set up shop in Sunnydale this year yet somehow it has a huge underground operations base under the university as if that wouldn’t take long to build (“The Initiative” (B 4.07)) and could be done without the University and/or its students knowing about it.


Character stuff:

* Xander:

- He leaves Anya at the altar (“Hells Bells” (B 6.16)). After “Nightmares” (B 1.10) Buffy didn’t quit slaying and she actually experienced being a vampire. Xander sees that his marriage to Anya might not be completely happy and decides to leave his wedding to her.

- He goes to kill Spike in “Entropy” (B 6.18) merely because Spike had sex with Anya.

* Willow:

- She displays magical powers in “Smashed” (B 6.09) that she later never seems to display or even be aware she has such magical powers.

* Spike:

- He supposedly is in love with Buffy, yet relatively treats her worse than he treated Harmony Kendall. He treated the Buffybot far better than he treats the actual Buffy.

- The attempted rape (“Seeing Red” (B 6.19)): Although it was completely out of character that it happened, the writers did it.


* Somehow, the gang before “Entropy” (B 6.18) never seems to be aware of the Buffy/Spike relationship:

- They all know Buffy goes out almost every night to patrol with Spike – which Giles in “All the Way” (B 6.06) translates to Buffy’s hanging out with Spike in his crypt. Soon after “Wrecked” (B 6.10), Buffy is almost never around and no one sees Spike much around except at times concerning Buffy (“Gone” (B 6.11), “Older and Faraway” (B 6.14), “Entropy” (B 6.18), etc.).

- “Gone” (B 6.11): Xander’s cluelessness and/or whatever.

-- The kitchen scene – Xander catches Spike giving Buffy a “rub down” over and Buffy getting off on it, or at least the rub down part. Buffy didn’t immediately stop it. In addition, Xander doesn’t seem to think it odd that Buffy didn’t deck Spike or push him away or whatever for his rubbing her down.

-- The crypt scene – After the kitchen scene, how does Buffy/Spike not even cross Xander’s mind? Buffy is invisible. Spike is humping an invisible something. Xander thought Buffy in “Intervention” (B 5.18) was having sex with Spike because she was lonely or whatever. Etc.


* When originally aired on TV, the BtVS S7 Buffy/Spike relationship was BORING. Buffy and Spike don’t even once kiss each other on-screen. Buffy and Angel COULDN’T be ‘together’ because of Angel’s curse (“Innocence” (B 2.14); “Amends” (B 3.10); etc.). Buffy ‘got past’ and/or ‘forgave’ the attempted rape (“Seeing Red” (B 6.19)) by at latest “Sleeper” (B 7.08) it seems.

* Buffy goes out with Principal Robin Wood (“First Date” (B 7.14)) seemingly out of nowhere and possibly if Spike did not interrupt their date she possibly would have had sex with Robin. Buffy removed Spike’s chip in “The Killer in Me” (B 7.13) and in Buffy’s conversation with Giles in “First Date”, it is clear that Buffy wants to be with Spike sexually.

- Spike’s considering that Buffy would or should ‘wait forever’ for him to finally decide to be with her sexually is also a problem with AtS s5. “The Girl in Question” (A 5.20) happens around 9 months after Spike’s death and something around 6 months after Spike is corporeal again yet Spike is saddened that Buffy is ‘having some fun’. Spike continues his ‘Buffy should wait forever for me’ nonsense post-AtS s5.

-- BtVS 10.12 makes Spike’s behavior even more bizarre because it shows that Spike’s been sexually attracted to Buffy this whole time yet decided not to be with her sexually.

* Giles was unGileslike. This mostly involves how he deals with the Buffy/Spike relationship, especially in “Lies My Parents Told Me” (B 7.17). But it also involves how he deals with the Scoobies including somehow considering that they should all ‘follow him’. Giles since “Welcome to the Hellmouth” (B 1.01) deferred to Buffy and suddenly in BtVS S7 is trying to act as if the Scoobies are essentially his soldiers.

* Dawn’s becoming a ‘Watcher’ within a year: Huh?

* Buffy not seeming to recognize the great probability that Robin Wood is the son of the Slayer who Spike killed in New York (“First Date” (B 7.14), “Get It Done” (B 7.15), “Storyteller” (B 7.16), “Lies My Parents Told Me” (B 7.17)). Did Buffy actually think Wood’s animosity towards Spike was simply because Spike is a vampire? Even if so, why have Wood around Spike? Why allow Wood and Spike to be alone together (“Lies My Parents Told Me”)?

“Lessons” (B 7.01):

* The stupidest part of the episode is Buffy’s being referred to as Dawn Summers’ mother and Buffy believing she may look that old. Sarah Michelle Gellar doesn’t look more than two or three years older than Michelle Trachtenberg does. Even if the students assume Buffy got pregnant in her mid-teens, Buffy would be in her 30s and SMG simply doesn’t look that old.

- Seriously, Dawn is a sophomore in high school at this time and is presumably 15 or 16 years old, most likely 16. So for Buffy to be her mother, even if Buffy got pregnant with her at *14*, Buffy would have to be at least 30 years old to be Dawn’s mother.

* SMG’s tats not being covered up and/or having makeup put on them. Buffy Summers doesn’t have tats.

* The ending scene had the First Evil being The Mayor: I know he was cool and all, but Spike never met him. Spike was only in Sunnydale during BtVS S3 in “Lovers Walk” (B 3.08). If Spike knew of the Mayor and his power, he would have killed him in BtVS S2 so that he couldn’t interfere with Drusilla’s resurrection.

“Help” (B 7.04):

* The open cubicle that is Buffy’s office: I guess Principal Robin Wood made sure of this so that he can creepily have unprofessional conversations with her. However, given Buffy’s job, she should obviously have an office that has a door that can be closed. She’s talking to troubled kids literally out in the open.

“Him” (B 7.06):

* Regarding Buffy/RJ, Buffy was raped or if they were only ‘petting’, she was sexually assaulted and sexually battered. Didn’t Buffy call Xander’s spell in “Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered” (B 2.16), the “great Ruffie spirit” or something? Yet she seems to not think or reflect a moment that she did or almost had sex with RJ. She certainly kisses him and straddled him under the influence.

* RJ doesn’t think it is hot that a school counselor who looks the way Buffy does wants him. How realistic is that? Why does Buffy need to convince him that she is almost his age?

* Couldn’t Willow have levitated Dawn to safety? Did Buffy have to risk her life to save Dawn from the train?

* RJ is never mentioned again. Did Buffy have a talk with him? Buffy could have been put on trial for what she did. RJ probably would have bragged to everyone about his thing with Buffy. Maybe have something said such as Willow or Anya did a forgetting spell on RJ or something.

“Sleeper” (B 7.08):

* Spike can obviously hear Buffy’s conversation with Xander when she talks to Xander about needing to look after Spike because Spike is a possible killer again. Did Buffy forget about or not know of Spike’s super vampire hearing? Does she think he wouldn’t be paying attention to the conversation?

* Why didn’t Buffy get that cool tranquilizer dart gun, shoot Spike, tie or chain him up, and try to find out if he has been killing people? If Spike was still good and loved Buffy, he would allow this. Spike allowed himself to be tortured by Glory (“Intervention” (B 5.18)) and beaten by Buffy (“Dead Things” (B 6.13)) to protect Buffy. Spike got his soul back. If in fact Spike turns out to be evil again for whatever resaon, Buffy and the Scooby Gang could help make him good again if Buffy were so inclined. There is no reasonable explanation for why Buffy allows Spike to be “free” when she suspects he may be evil again.

* Buffy storms in Spike’s bedroom, knocks him out of bed – and for some reason Spike is actually wearing pants this time –, accuses him of killing the red shirt and possibly siring her and whatnot. Buffy insists Spike is mass murdering and tells him that she is going to find proof of her conviction and then she storms out of Spike’s bedroom. Then she doesn’t track Spike in any way.

“Never Leave Me” (B 7.09):

* Buffy tying Spike to a wooden chair with about as much rope as Andrew Wells was tied to a chair with. And APOLOGIZING for doing it to Spike.

- First off, okay with this being done in her bedroom. Buffy is obviously giving him blatant signals here. Problems though are obvious. Spike is a super strong vampire. He has held her down more than once (“Out of My Mind” (B 5.04) and “Smashed” (B 6.09)). He is probably strong enough to break the arms of the chair or simply break the chair by bouncing up and down. Even if not, she herself has gotten out of far more secure rope bonds (“Beer Bad” (B 4.05)) and she knows Drusilla can get out of “extreme” bonds (“Crush” (B 5.14)). So the bonds she uses on Spike are around useless.

- She could have easily used the constraints the Scoobies used on him in “Something Blue” (B 4.09) on him. I doubt she would think he would be grossly offended by that given he sent her into a trap and almost drained her (“Sleeper” (B 7.08)).