View Full Version : Anyone role-play?

05-06-15, 07:03 PM
Simple question, anyone ever role-played Buffyverse?

09-06-16, 08:48 AM
I do! Constantly and all the time haha bit of a buffy nerd here ;)

Unaligned Succubus
09-06-16, 02:41 PM
I haven't. But I am thinking about role-playing Kendra or Willow's doppleganger at the next colossal con. The show is full of great options.

22-12-16, 03:59 PM
I do roleplay often enough, and would LOVE to roleplay in this universe in yet another forum; it's honestly one of my favorite passtimes to roleplay in these universes online... when do we start?
I'm truly sorry I didn't see this before now.
Some of my favorites to roleplay as include: Faith Lehane, Kennedy, Satsu, and, hopefully this won't be my only character if I do roleplay in this, but the First Evil itself (best thought of as Satan itself; so obviously I DON'T want to think too much like *that* monster, obviously!) I like that I'm ideologically opposite that evil spirit, but despite the fact that I can make a believable rendition of that fallen spirit I'm frightened of thinking too much like that monster, so please, if we can play as multiple characters, allow me to play as someone else too- that way at least *some* of the twisted tendencies of that monster will be mintigated in me... I don't want to resemble that thing if I can have anything to say about it.
And here's the beauty of roleplay: it's voiceover acting, so we each can play multiple roles without conflict, provided there's enough roles to fill everybody.
Well, here's entheusiastic hoping.

01-02-17, 04:24 PM
The only time I ever "role play" is during Halloween time (at-most the few weeks before and after) and that's for the costumes used for "sexual role play".

I was never into the idea of cosplay and even as a child I never dressed up more than necessary during play.

Even now, I actually play sports rather than play computer or console sports games. I do paintball rather than play first person shooters (FPS) and I do go carts and off road vehicles than play car video games.