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08-03-14, 09:44 AM

I did a cursory reading through this list and the rankings are more interesting than I've seen in other lists.

Total Film.com is a reputable thing, so it's interesting how they ranked the characters.

Fair warning: Angel isn't even on this list. And not everything is 100% accurate. Re: the Spike and Cordelia explanations.

Cordelia is misplaced on the list simply because most of her AtS stuff is because of Jasmine, albeit anything that could be because of Jasmine isn't mentioned in the website's explanation for her place on the list.

In ways, I kinda agree with the top 2 in the list.

Anya should be below at least Topher Brink on that list.

Cordelia shouldn't even be on the list. If Angel isn't on it, why should she be?

I'm not fully sure how I feel about Buffy's placement. But her power does largely come from certain guys wanting to be with her (Angel, Riley, Spike, Xander) and others loving her (her Scoobies, Merrick, and Giles). Her badassery is still below River Tam's, relatively.

I'm fine with the other rankings.

Although, I wonder if Joss Whedon created Morgan.

08-03-14, 01:41 PM
I really don't agree with this list. Anya, Cordelia and Lorne as high ranking on a list Angel isn't even on I just don't get. The idea they outrank Buffy, Wes, and that Anya and Fred outrank Spike, I personally find ridiculous. They refer to Billy Idol being Spike's style icon so I'm not sure how closely they watched the show and the dismissal of his S6 role as weird torture porn love interest, totally ignoring the culmination of his whole story by paying no attention to S7 at all, just confirms a low level understanding as far as I'm concerned. Connor would hit a top slot for me too. There is always such a huge degree of subjectivity to putting these kind of lists together but I often find I agree far less with ones that come across as the opinions of a casual viewer.

08-03-14, 02:04 PM
List feels all kinds of wonky to me, but at least it stuck the landing. Valid option at number one is entirely valid. Also kind of bootstrapping to brand "Ripley 8" a distinct character from Ripley, whom he did not have even the slightest hand in creating.

Sosa lola
08-03-14, 03:53 PM
Those lists will always be subjective. Look at the description under Spike, it shows clearly how the person who made this feels about Angel. Personally, it made my day to see Xander up high on the list. :D Been rewatching BtVS lately - the early seasons - they're so refreshing and enjoyable.

09-03-14, 06:19 AM
Andrew Wells before Buffy Summers? I appreciate that the writer actually acknowledged that a protagonist's role is different and therefore they often don't get the "kookiness" that makes secondary characters fan-favourites. However, how on earth can you rate Andrew higher than Buffy? Like, seriously? :thud:

09-03-14, 03:54 PM
* Regarding Andrew Wells, I consider he gets too much nonobjective hate basically because he kinda 'took over' the 'Xander' role in BtVS S7.

Even regarding the BtVS S8 stuff, I'm the only one I remember of who says that Angel should have been dusted after BtVS S8. I remember posters saying that Andrew Wells should have been killed for what he did to Buffy -- including me saying that.

Andrew is interesting. He can summon demons. And his story is similar to Rupert Giles' -- something most don't acknowledge or simply don't realize. He's far better than Jonathan Levinson and was far less evil.

* As I said, I'm not sure how I feel about Buffy's placement. But in ways, she should be listed beneath Faith Lehane and Willow Rosenberg.

10-03-14, 01:00 PM
I just vehemently disagree with their number one choice. Mal Reynolds is nothing but a Gary Stu for Joss played by one of the most overrated and untalented "actors" it's been my displeasure to watch in anything.

31-03-14, 11:26 PM

* I donít see how Mal Reynolds is a Gary Stu. Heís almost the opposite of that.

* Nathan Fillion was great for what Mal Reynolds is.