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29-09-11, 05:06 AM
Whenever I click the banner I get taken to a Cannot Find Server page. :cutecry:

30-09-11, 05:33 AM
The link of each banner provides credit to the artist and goes to the artist's homepage. I think some people have changed website addresses which is why you are not reaching anywhere.

Default by galathea
Chestnut by Amy1234
Green by little albatross
Blue by Amy1234
Black by Matilda

Actually, I just checked them all, and the green style linking to little albatross is the only link not currently working. Which is hideously unfair considering how much I miss browsing her artwork. Hopefully she will get her new site active soon. ;)

If you are looking for Buffyforums homepage with transcripts and screencaps, it is www.buffyforums.net (http://www.buffyforums.net).