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09-04-11, 04:38 PM
Some storylines are used over and over in shows, books and other mediums. And no matter how many versions you see of the same story, it's almost never working or statisfying in your opinion.

So I was wondering what the big no-noes are of the members around here.

And because the OP should always start;

1. Babies.
Sure there are shows where babies are fine, if it fits the situation of the parents and if the baby doesn't take over the show. But in general storylines about main characters getting a child are ackward, annoying and often the child is forgotten or written out after a while because it changed the show too much.
(unwanted babies/pregnancies; Emma (Friends), Dawn and Connor (BtVS & Ats, both changed the dinamics of the show and got no decent storyline after the storyline they were created for ended.), Joan's pregnancy (Mad Men), Shirley's pregnancy (Community) and I fear for the moment I find out what the Bones writers are going to do with Emily Deschanel's pregnancy...)

2. The wubbification of the bad boys/girls
When they are introduced, they are awesome in a "I don't want to meet you but watching you is super fun" kind of way. Sometimes it's planned and sometimes it's because the character in question gained so many fans, but after a while the bad boy/girl will mellow down so (s)he can be a friend/lover. And two seasons later you're looking at a character who still pretends to be bad (often snarky, still wearing leather, annoys others etc.) but who stopped being shady and questionable. Sometimes it's very well written... but it still annoys me how popular bad boys/girls are reformed.
(Faith, Spike.... Damon -really does he do anything beyond whining and cleaning his house these days?- but also Jess and Logan from Gilmore Girls.)

3. Characters who are clearly meant to be, only come together for good in the very last episode/chapter/scene.
It looks like 90% of the writers fear the idea to write a functional relation. Sometimes they play with the obvious OTP and even let them date, but the final moment is so often right before the very end. Or it's not the very end of the show but one of the two dies and we will never know if they would have made it. Which is simply a pity because I would love to see the two characters deal with their relation.
(Luke & Lorelai, Ron & Hermione -or any HP ship actually-, Wesley & Fred, Bones & Booth -probably-, Cordy & Doyle)

12-04-11, 11:00 AM
The whole "will they or wonīt they kiss or break-up". That happens a lot in shows. They should just decide for a couple to be together or nor. Because it sometimes drags the show down.

12-04-11, 06:38 PM
The whole "will they or wonīt they kiss or break-up". That happens a lot in shows. They should just decide for a couple to be together or nor. Because it sometimes drags the show down.
Will-they-won't-they stories can be great if done right, i.e. if you provide a good reason why the couple won't yet, and it you don't make their relationship static. But I hate the stories where the couple doesn't have a good reason to 'won't they' and you just keep wondering why the hell they don't just get on with it, except because the writers are afraid of losing the tension or don't know how to write a relationship. And then if they do out of the blue, it just feels like they did it for no other reason but because the show was nearing the end. The worst example are Mulder/Scully on The X-files and Riker/Troi and Picard/Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Other storylines I hate:

- love triangles that last forever, with the center of the triangle (usually a woman) being wishy washy and constantly changing her mind between two guys. The worst example was Jack/Kate/Sawyer on Lost, but BSG had one almost as bad in Apollo/Starbuck/Anders.

- couples that are set up to be "soulmates", "meant for each other" and "true love forever" from day one with everyone telling us how great they are, instead of the show actually showing us why they're great and meant for each other. An even worse case is a version where a character fall in love with someone at first sight or without knowing the person at all, and after stalking them for the entire movie or show is finally proven right, yes it was real love all along and they are meant to be together; this story usually happens in romcoms with a male main character who has an obsession with an unattainable woman, but there is also the version with the female protagonist and male object of obsession (Felicity).

- stories where a woman, after her boyfriend turns out to be bad/abusive, immediately turns her affections to the 'dogged nice guy' friend, having 'learned her lesson' and 'had her eyes opened' that he's the best guy for her.

- a man and a woman are friends for a long time, neither of them is romantically interested in the other, and then they suddenly have sex or almost have sex just because one of them got dumped or they got drunk or for no reason at all, and this doesn't lead to a relationship - apparently it's just there so we would be reminded that Men and Women Can't Be Just Friends unless at least one of them is a) gay or b) butt ugly.

13-04-11, 11:00 AM
I agree with you on the love triangles that last forever and the female character is so bland. Thatīs one of the reasons I donīt like Pearl Harbour.
Kate Beckinsale (canīt remember the characterīs name) loves Ben Affleckīs character. He goes to war and he is supposedly dead. She mourns for him for a while but then jumps right to Josh Hartnett. But then Ben returns and she goes back to him. But now she is pregnant and the father is Josh Hartnettīs character. I mean, come on! Make up your damn mind!

04-08-11, 10:33 PM
Hmm...the storyline I hate the most has to be unwanted pregnancies and stuff, like the first post outlined.

buffyholic is right, the "caught between two boys/girls" thing is annoying too. So yeah, that`s my opinion.

05-08-11, 12:17 AM
I think mine has to be the 'they're clearly made for each other, but we can't have them be in an actual relationship because it takes all the fun out of the 'will they/won't they' game'. I mean, the whole thing is clearly ridiculous, watching them dance around each other because they can't be together for various reasons, and then one of them decides to move on and date someone else and the other one has to watch from afar as the love of their life makes a life with someone else.

Oh, also, what I really hate is when you have two best friends, and one of them is secretly in love with the other but they're completely oblivious and is dating everyone in sight who is not the best friend. After years of getting nowhere, the best friend meets someone new and they fall in love and move on/away only for the other best friend to finally see what was right in front of them and they rush to confess their love and they live happily ever after.

05-08-11, 04:13 AM
Storylines that I hate are the ones where everybody dies at the end. I HATE that. Not fond of non-happy endings, at all.

I also seriously dislike storylines in which the bad guy is made to look like a cool not so bad guy. I think they call that the bad boy syndrome. He is rotten to the core in every single way that counts...but wait! He has a soft side and he will turn on a dime with the love of the right woman. Or will he?

05-08-11, 06:11 AM
Well, it is not always the case, as mood or sentiment may affect on singular occasions, but generally:

Reliance on sex as a de facto state of affairs in cinema and television. This may also be known as the "obligatory sex scene" which typically does not contribute anything to the story. It is as if the producers of a work do not think the story would 'stand on its own' without it.

Sometimes it's absolutely integral to a movie or show (Basic Instinct and Chloe come to mind) but many times it seems absolutely unnecessary. Perhaps there is a belief that a sex scene is needed to get additional sales or higher ratings. It is actually a relief to see movies that skirt the possibility in the storyline and are able to deftly avoid it. They show that men and women, or other variations, can function in a story without having to automatically be lovers and go to bed.

The tide may be turning, as X-Files managed to avoid this tired formula for most of its series long enough for a kind of relationship to form naturally. The Stargate series and its spin-offs too. Warehouse 13, while still getting its bearings, seems to be avoiding sexual drama between its main characters too, at least in the meantime. In another instance, I remember bracing myself through part of Core (2003) with Hilary Swank and Aaron Eckhart in close proximity, but nothing happened. There are plenty of other examples that happily proceed contrary to trends, thankfully.


Sosa lola
05-08-11, 11:59 AM
I share some of yours, Nina, especially the one about the bad boys/girls, and to continue on that point:

1) Bad Boy changes for girl, therefore she has to be with him or else she's a bitch: I specifically chose bad boy because I don't remember ever seeing the same storyline with bad girl. I think what I mostly hate here is the fan reaction, because it does drive me insane, the girl who is clearly not interested is trashed because she dared not return the reformed bad boy's affection. I do believe that what helped that reaction is how the show would show off bad boy as a woobie with puppy dog eyes and the girl as a heartless monster.

2- Left at the altar: Worst. Storyline. Ever. The cheesiest, easiest way to get out of the relationship and break two people up. I lost count on how many shows used that storyline, I mean it happened three times in Friends, expect that one time Chandler went through it eventually. It's predictable, it's boring, enough with that one already!

cheryl4ba, I also hate movies/TV shows where everyone dies in the end. Don't care if it's realistic or not. One character dies is fine, but all of them or the majority of them? Meh.

TimeTravellingBunny, I completely agree on praising one ship so much without showing us why it's special, I'll also add, praising a character so much to the point of making us hate that character.

15-08-11, 04:40 AM
anything to do with adolescence. This is seen in buffy and true blood, and im sure a thousand other shows.. when it comes to following characters.. I like the character to be already on a track, whether its a good or bad one is left to be undetermined.. but just sloppy rebellion for the sake of filler is boring. I also dont like storylines that have to do with young kids, teenagers, and toddlers.. its so unoriginal.. it can involve them, but not focus on them.. like 'fighting over custody' story would be cool versus 'teaching a baby something' would be horrible, ie; interview with a vampire!!

05-09-11, 05:09 AM
i can't stand a storyline that doesn't make any since, or a scene that seems to go on forever, it's like come on get on with the story i wanna know what happens next, i agree with the whole leaving the alter thing that is so cheesy and lame it happens a lot , i really hate bad acting the person acting is paid good money to play the part well not suck at it, or a scene in a movie were the character is just not funny and there suppose to be funny but there not.