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26-10-10, 09:58 AM
I was thinking of ways to keep the forum clean and organized, so... Have you guys considered splitting up the "Other Shows" section? Why not break it up into "Current Other Shows" and "Ended Other Shows". So that when new members want to post they can easily find new and on going shows?

I dunno, just a suggestion.

26-10-10, 10:34 AM
I did think about that but I decided to go with genre instead, I worried that the ended shows wouldn't get as many threads as the current shows and I wanted to try and keep it balanced out. :)

26-10-10, 07:52 PM
Really all discussion is down so we decided to try something different to see if change might spark some interest. :D

If a show is currently airing you can still create new threads for each episode.

As always if people were to start posting in there more, we'd evaluate the section to see what new changes could be made. Personally I'm kinda disappointed that Doctor Who lost its section. But discussion was really down and didn't warrant a whole section at this time.

Hopefully discussion will pick up for the more popular shows and if they have enough different and worthwhile topic threads then sections can be created again. :D

Jenni Lou
26-10-10, 09:34 PM
To add to the posts above, the forum is continually being reworked and modified to accommodate changing interests amongst the members. As discussion wanes in one area, it may be increased in another. So a few times a year we try to discuss how best to format the forum to keep it fresh and lively and easy to navigate. Suggestions are always welcome, however! We did discuss the possibility of new/old shows but ultimately decided that categorizing the section by genre would be the most efficient way to set it up. This way, every forum should have a fair amount of threads. Or as Nikki puts it, balanced. :) But be assured that all the tv sections of the forum are always being watched and tweaked as we evaluate the activity within them. These all go through changes at least one a year.