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  1. Closer
  2. Some People Need Saving (Buffy/Angel, AU)
  3. "Buckle up Rupert, I've gone pro..."
  4. untitled
  5. The Mission
  6. In Their Shoes (Buffy/Spike)
  7. After Sunnydale
  8. Missing Scene: Lost Hero (Season Eight)
  9. BtVS Character Chronicles: Riley 1x01. Storytellers Part One *Rewritten*
  10. BtVS Character Chronicles: Riley 1x02. Storytellers Part Two *Rewritten*
  11. BtVS Character Chronicles: Riley 1x03. Promotion Predictions *rewritten*
  12. BtVS Character Chronicles: Riley 1x04. Hereafter *rewritten*
  13. Carmel High - (Glee Fan-Fic)
  14. More-Satisfying Ending To Angel Episode 8, Season 1: I Will Remember You
  15. Fic: Put Yourself in My Shoes
  16. Buffy Gives Parker The SmackDown That He Deserves
  17. Night Warriors: A Buffy fanfiction
  18. Xander Gets His Due -- An Insert For "Checkpoint"
  19. Fray: Tales of the Slayer
  20. Leech (Buffy/Spike, Angel/Cordelia)
  21. Trespassing -- An Antidote Insert To Earshot
  22. Whistler and the PTB
  23. Breaking and Twisted (Buffy fanfic)
  24. Breathe
  25. The Bloody 1.04 - "Hide and Seek"
  26. See Me/Her (Angel/Cordy; PG-13)
  27. The Cycle Series (Spike/Fred)
  28. Small Things (Spike ficlet)
  29. What You Wish For (Spike/Dru ficlet)
  30. Tara Turned (ficlet)
  31. Vast (Dru ficlet)
  32. Now I Lay Me (Angel ficlet)
  33. Empty Spaces: A Single Step [Buffy, Gen, FRT]
  34. Empty Spaces: The Paragon of Monsters [Angel, Gen, FRC]
  35. Empty Spaces: Crossed Wires [Buffy, Willow, FRT]
  36. Empty Spaces: It’s a Glamorous Job… [Buffy, Gen, FRT]
  37. Empty Spaces: Owen Who? [Owen, Gen, FRT]
  38. Empty Spaces: Kinda Pretty [Willow, Gen, FRC]
  39. Empty Spaces: Glass Heart [Buffy, BYO Subtext, FRC]
  40. Empty Spaces: Another One Closes [Drusilla, Gen, FRT]
  41. Empty Spaces: Stone [Buffy/Spike, FRT]
  42. Footprints [Buffy, BYO Subtext, FRC]
  43. Charlatan’s Web [Xander, Gen, FRT]
  44. And Wouldn’t You Be Bored? [Buffy/Willow, Tara/Willow, Mild FRAO]
  45. Empty Spaces: Fishwife Blues [Willow, BYO Subtext, FRT]
  46. Empty Spaces: Absolute Zero [Willow, BYO Subtext, FRT]
  47. How Not to Say No [Willow, BYO Subtext, FRC]
  48. Strange Night (BtVS/SPN crossover)
  49. Home (BtVS/SPN crossover - B/D)
  50. In the Mourning [Buffy/Willow, Tara/Willow, Mild FRAO]
  51. Wherefore art thou, magic? A Snarkier Season 9 [Willow-centric]
  52. A Tale of Two Masters
  53. FIC: Forgone Pleasures (Season 8, Buffy POV)
  54. Empty Spaces: In the Time of Wolves [Willow, FRT]