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  2. The Never Ending Discussion Thread...
  3. Mark Watched BtVS
  4. Mercedes McNab
  5. Are you satisfied with the portrayal of men in BtVS?
  6. Worst Buffy Episode Ever
  7. Xander saving the day in "Grave" (6.22)
  8. Poll : 'harvesting' / activating slayers
  9. Is the Troll Hammer an indication of Buffy’s strength vs. Spike’s strength?
  10. Willow - her character arc
  11. If Buffy becomes a vampire, would Spike and Angel still love her ?
  12. Xander Harris Has Masculinity Issues
  13. Should Willow have been ‘outed’ as a lesbian in BtVS S1, S2, or S3?
  14. In “Graduation Day” (3.21-2), did Buffy think that Angel would drain her to death?
  15. Was It Okay For Buffy to be Violent Against Ted After He Hit Her?
  16. Was It Okay For Buffy to Try to Kill Faith So That She Could Cure Angel?
  17. “Sleeper” (7.08): Was Spike sleeping around??
  18. Sunnydale was surpose to be small town and yet they had everything
  19. Dawn Question
  20. Buffy's Decision to Send Xander Away with Dawn in S7
  21. Favorite song/performance of OMWF
  22. Should Spike be dusted in season 7???
  23. If the Scooby Gang was a house, who would be what?
  24. Does Giles deserve respect?
  25. A question about " Chosen"
  26. Was It Fair for Anya and Giles to Dock Buffy for Not Charging Delivery?
  27. Characters and Lectures
  28. Moral dilemma: Slayers should kill people?
  29. Willow's "My Will Be Done" spell!
  30. Buffy's first watcher
  31. Buffy v. all in S3 "Dead Man's Party"
  32. Question: Was BTVS canceled or was it ended?
  33. Rank the people Buffy loved and trusted in S7
  34. Career-defining roles
  35. Do you think that resurrecting Buffy was morally justifiable?
  36. Nicholas Brendon panel at Ottawa Comiccon
  37. Did Buffy Tell The Other Scoobies About Riley Using Vamp Hos?
  38. SMG Talks 10 Year Anniversey Of Buffy Finale
  39. How Do You Think Buffy's Frequent Solo Patrols in S6 Reflected on the Scoobies?
  40. Spike's Diary - FanFiction
  41. Sacrificing Dawn - needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one?
  42. Half Hour Behind The Scenes Footage From Buffy Season 2
  43. How Would Buffy Deal with the Demon from Enemies if Faith Didn't Kill Him First?
  44. Does the Council Reimburse for Bribes and Payments to Demons?
  45. SMG Talks a Buffy Movie
  46. Who was Skeezier- Willow in New Moon Rising or Riley in As You Were?
  47. Was It Dramatically Necessary for Angel to Appear in Chosen?
  48. Seven Minutes in Chosen with Buffy!
  49. If Riley was Single in As You Were, Would Buffy Start a Relationship with Him?
  50. Did Xander get life insurance and inheritance money after Anya's death?
  51. Was Dawn in Boarding School from BtVS S1-4?
  52. How Should the Writers "Healed" Willow in S7?
  53. Should Xander and Cordelia have had sex?
  54. Buffy's death and the creation of new slayers
  55. Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The legacy of the teen heroine
  56. How much will change had Anya remained a vengeance demon?
  57. BtVS Rewatch!! - organisation/review sign up
  58. BtVS rewatch : SEASON 1
  59. Which villain would you hench for?
  60. Was Xander homophobic?
  61. Buffy/Riley: the doomed ship of doomedville
  62. BtVS rewatch : SEASON 2
  63. Help identifying Season 2 extra
  64. The Slayer Timeline
  65. New Buffy Fashion Blog
  66. "Chosen" 7.22 was filmed around 2 months before it aired? Regarding Spike, A/B/S:
  67. What episodes would you show to win someone over?
  68. Does Spike enjoy suntanning
  69. Buffy and red bed sheets?
  70. The Ethics of Slaying Vampires
  71. BtVS rewatch : SEASON 3
  72. Was Willow bisexual or gay?
  73. Willow was correct to want to kill Warren, Andrew, and Jonathan.
  74. “Crush” (B 5.14): Was Spike trying to dress like Riley?
  75. Was Faith Bisexual?
  76. Reasons for being the Slayer
  77. You´re on what number?
  78. what is the after life of soulless beings ?
  79. Anyone else miss the monsters?
  80. Ted
  81. Fox's Horrible DVD Treatment Of Buffy
  82. 3x1 Anne
  83. Fray
  84. Buffy & Angel watching order
  85. details that sometimes make the show feel dated
  86. Buffy character favorites that were never supposed to last...
  87. BtVS rewatch : SEASON 4
  88. buffynfaith website down or gone away?
  89. Willow's motives in Season 6
  90. Buffy Needs You!
  91. How much the Scoobies know about Spike as William the bad poet?
  92. Strongest demon species
  93. Are Slayers suicidal?
  94. Great Event- if you are in LA Saturday- Amber Benson/
  95. BtVS rewatch : SEASON 5
  96. Buffy season 4 with Angel season 1
  97. Analysis of: “If that’s what I wanted, then I’d be dating Spike.” ("Out of My Mind")
  98. What would Buffy be like in 2016?
  99. The First as Tara in "Conversations with Dead People"
  100. Spike's reaction to Buffy's resurrection in season 6?
  101. "I know i am a monster, but..."-why it's a problem for Spike?
  102. In BtVS S5, was Buffy/Angel more of a factor for Riley than Buffy/Spike?
  103. Why was Spike Buffy's favourite protector in season 5's Checkpoint?
  104. Joyce's death
  105. Is there an actual soundtrack that was played at the ending in Season One Episode 10?
  106. My new article about Buffy from a more critical perspective
  107. There are scenes in BtVS where Spike is shown reading / having books in his crypt
  108. Why did the show end ?
  109. Buffy Songs - 'The Chosen One', 'Angel'
  110. Passion of the Nerd
  111. Rank the S1 episodes
  112. Rank the S2 episodes
  113. Rank the S3 episodes
  114. Buffy as a movie with same cast ideas?
  115. does vampirism cure myopia in the Buffyverse?
  116. Hellmouth in Cleveland
  117. Why in BtVS S6 did Buffy keep Buffy/Spike a secret?
  118. What's Wrong with Buffy's HD?
  119. Did Spike think that Buffy was involved in Wood's ambush?
  120. BtVS rewatch: SEASON 6
  121. Ending my seventh rewatch
  122. Do you think that Faith ever had to prostitute herself for money?
  123. Buffy/Whedonverse Drunk Trivia Tonight on HyperRPG
  124. Which episode(s) would you show to a friend to get them into Buffy / Angel
  125. Was it humiliating and silly for Spike to commission the Buffybot?
  126. Did Buffy use Spike for sex?
  127. True Blood
  128. Is the Slayer's 'death wish' depression?
  129. Buffy/Spike in BtVS S6
  130. Was Buffy’s dying in the “The Gift” (B 5.22) selfish?
  131. Does Giles have a position of authority after “The Gift” (B 5.22)?
  132. SyFy best episodes poll
  133. Times Article celebrating Buffy
  134. Buffy 20th Anniversary Cast Interviews
  135. New spin off series - 'Slayer'
  136. “The High School Years” vs. “The Later Years”
  137. Buffy the Vampire Slayer Reboot 2017
  138. Buffy Novels
  139. Just a meaningless little online competition, but why not help Buffy win?
  140. Rank the S4 episodes
  141. Rank the S5 episodes
  142. New Funko Rock Candy Buffy/Willow
  143. Merchandise
  144. Why did no one but Anya motivate Xander?
  145. What are Buffy's feelings towards Faith throughout the series?
  146. Sexiest scene/s of each Season:
  147. Buffy VS Faith - Who was the better slayer?
  148. Yet another top Buffy episodes list
  149. Joss's Buffy quotes
  150. Best season for each character
  151. What career could you imagine each character having?
  152. How much would you pay for a BtVS Blu-Ray?
  153. Times the ‘limited’ budget was a detriment.
  154. More Buffy Funkos
  155. Spuffy Fanfic Discussion
  156. Worst Thing Riley Did
  157. Better Name Than Spell-Casters Anonymous
  158. I'm not ready . . .
  159. Giles And The Chip
  160. Dirty Girls - Faith and Spike
  161. Choosing to be a vamp
  162. Lloyd, a demon in Africa. What was his nature ?
  163. Did Spike go to Africa, to have his chip removed ?
  164. Affects of the Hellmouth - Empty Places
  165. Was Buffy's acutal 'Second Front' in "Chosen" (B 7.22) Willow?
  166. Positives and Negatives - S1
  167. Buffy Art Dept reunion panel at Comic Con last year
  168. Once more with feeling isolated voice tracks
  169. How Evil Was Spike?
  170. Buffy and Spike
  171. Passion of the Nerd's review of Doomed
  172. What was your favourite opener and why?
  173. BtVS ranked 23 in a list of 40 among teen dramas in Rotten Tomatoes list:
  174. If You could Only Keep One?
  175. Dawn
  176. Three Weeks Moaning in a Basement
  177. Positives and Negatives - S2
  178. Unpopular Opinions
  179. Which Dawn-Centric Episode Would You Keep?
  180. Buffy And Satsu
  181. Favourite Xander-Centric Episode
  182. When Did You First Watch Buffy?
  183. Spike & the chip
  184. Did Buffy Love Riley?
  185. Leaving Dru
  186. What caused the biggest change in Spike?
  187. Was Spike "the doctor"?
  188. Favourite Willow-Centric Episode?
  189. Jonathan
  190. Deep Molecular Suntan
  191. Did the Potentials choose to become Slayers ?
  192. Parental Roles in BtVS/AtS
  193. Did Spike and Buffy have sex in Chosen?
  194. Monster of the Week
  195. Buffy and Robin Wood
  196. The Buffybot
  197. Dawn in the early seasons
  198. The show from Buffy’s POV
  199. BB&B Xander
  200. Cursing Vamps With A Soul
  201. Favourite Angel-Centric Episode
  202. British Vampires
  203. Favourite Season
  204. Vampires' Enhanced Senses.
  205. Lies My Parents Told Me
  206. Some thoughts about ethnocentricm in BtVS
  207. Positives and Negatives - S3
  208. Are Willow and Xander Treated Equally?
  209. Better 'parent'
  210. Oz
  211. Buffy Forum Rates The Seasons
  212. What did Buffy & Xander really think of each other?
  213. Did Xander's trying to kill Spike in "Entropy" (B 6.18) make sense?
  214. Buffy's Personality
  215. Spike and the Killing of His Mother: A Repressed Memory?
  216. Positives and Negatives - S4
  217. Why doesn't the Mayor fight more of the threats to his rule?
  218. Giles Helping Buffy Studying
  219. Does Xander have a demon xenophobia?
  220. Which was worse, Xander against Spike in "Entropy" or Wood against Spike in "LMPTM"?
  221. Fool For Love - the flashback to Nikki Wood
  222. Best Worldbuilding for a Modern AU?
  223. Buffy's Hush Dream
  224. The Watchers' Council: An organization in decline?
  225. Dawn & Joyce in Conversations
  226. The Mary Sue article about Willow/Tara being a toxic relationship
  227. Symbolism in Spuffy
  228. Why doesn't Spike have more money?
  229. Similarity Between Faith & Forrest
  230. Why was Xander pro-Buffy/Riley?
  231. Do "vamp"/ "game" faces always signify evil?
  232. Did Buffy commit suicide in The Gift?
  233. Did Buffy commit suicide in The Gift?
  234. Positives and Negatives - S5
  235. Xander Harris and middle-class norms (writing-critical)
  236. Would BtVS be successful if it wasn’t a great series?
  237. Defining moments for BtVS characters?
  238. The Giles and Spike's Relationship
  239. Empty Places
  240. Is Giles a natural reactionary?
  241. Apologies & Thank-you's in the Buffyverse + Hypothetical Situations
  242. Buffy's Boyfriends Positivity Thread
  243. The significance of Riley's religion
  244. Buffy Episode Titles
  245. Spike in Forever
  246. Buffy and Dru’s matching costume
  247. Positives and Negatives - S6
  248. The wasted potential of Xander's lie
  249. Are there any altruistic acts in BtVS?
  250. The Kobayashi Meru and moral choices in "The Gift"