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  • Clavus's Avatar
    Today, 06:56 PM
    I think there are two distinct reasons why we have such a discrepancy between Angel and Spike processing their guilt. One is external due to the...
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  • Silver1's Avatar
    Today, 04:53 PM
    Well in the UK I think it mainly means kids (due to financial reasons) have to stay at home a lot longer and thus can end up being seen as a 'kid'...
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  • Silver1's Avatar
    Today, 04:50 PM
    And to say nothing of the whole 'giving Spike a soul when the show was about to finish' bit. There just wasn't the kind of time left to explore that...
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  • Silver1's Avatar
    Today, 04:33 PM
    Oh heroes in Hell is Spuffy, have no doubt about that one. It's just a tad quirky. :D And yeah, Stoney, I knew you dislike slash from out...
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  • Stoney's Avatar
    Today, 04:04 PM
    Stoney replied to a thread Dawn in Buffy
    I also don't have a problem with Dawn acting as she did at fourteen and agree that the inverse reasons of why she would be sheltered and 'created' to...
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  • Stoney's Avatar
    Today, 03:55 PM
    For the insight it gives for Giles as a character I think The Dark Age is the best of the three. None are brilliant episodes, but I enjoy...
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  • Stoney's Avatar
    Today, 03:44 PM
    I agree with vampmogs. There is a great degree of what the seasons allow for in there and Angel's initial time struggling to come to terms with his...
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  • a thing of evil's Avatar
    Today, 03:07 PM
    a thing of evil replied to a thread Dawn in Buffy
    Dawn's one of the most fun and best acted characters. She's brave, fierce, relentlessly entertaining and full of chutzpah, in the best way possible....
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  • Stoney's Avatar
    Today, 02:33 PM
    Stoney replied to a thread Positives and Negatives - S1 in Buffy
    Day 11 - Out of Mind, Out of Sight Positive - This is one of my favourite episodes of this season, on some days I'd probably even put it first. I...
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  • vampmogs's Avatar
    Today, 02:30 PM
    Well, Angel is exaggerating with that line but I also think it was the writer's way of gently poking fun at how quickly they had Spike got over his...
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