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  • TimeTravellingBunny's Avatar
    Today, 02:42 PM
    + Dead Things - Tabula Rasa (it's basically just confirming what already happened or was bound the happen after OMWF) Bargaining (pt1) : (There...
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  • Stoney's Avatar
    Today, 02:42 PM
    Stoney replied to a thread Does Joss Matter? in Buffy
    I can understand why Joss and the others spoke up about Spike's intention to get his soul. a) because I think they were repeatedly being directly...
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  • Willow from Buffy's Avatar
    Today, 02:27 PM
    Willow from Buffy replied to a thread Does Joss Matter? in Buffy
    But if we've buried the author, then why don't we bury the idea of canon? I agree about Joss and Spike. I don't like it when an author comes out...
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  • TriBel's Avatar
    Today, 11:40 AM
    TriBel replied to a thread Does Joss Matter? in Buffy
    IMO, "Canon" should only really be used to describe the texts Joss says "count". So, if he decides the DH comics are not official canon, they're not....
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  • a thing of evil's Avatar
    Today, 11:18 AM
    Warren's not cartoonish. Compared to real life Warrens (Elliot Rodger, Nikolas Cruz, Chris Harper-Mercer and other incel terrorists) Warren's...
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  • Sosa lola's Avatar
    Today, 10:41 AM
    You're probably right here. I agree. Warren in S5 was a lonely guy who created a girlfriend, then abandoned her when he got the real thing....
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  • HardlyThere's Avatar
    Today, 10:27 AM
    I think comparing Xander and Warren is going a bit far. While he had issues with masculinity, they seemed to stem more with its social conditioning...
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  • Sosa lola's Avatar
    Today, 06:59 AM
    There are characters I'm not interested in, but I tried rocking my brain thinking of ways to make them interesting, and all I could think about was...
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  • Nebula1400's Avatar
    Today, 06:31 AM
    I don't think the snap will come into play at all. If it does, they'll all be dusted in the last episode of the season, and be back next year, acting...
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  • Stoney's Avatar
    Today, 06:14 AM
    Stoney replied to a thread Big Little Lies in Drama and Comedy
    Hoorah, I finally started this tonight. :D I watched the first ep and a chunk of the second (which I appreciate isn't helpful for knowing where I've...
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