Welcome to BuffyForums.net! We are a site created after BuffyWorld.com, which was our home for many years, went offline. We hope to keep the BuffyVerse alive here, also discussing new shows that have started since and keep us addicted to our TVs and computers! Please look around and visit the forum where you will find many thing to chat about and hopefully meet some great people! The transcripts  here were not created by us but have been credited.


We have a thriving fanfiction section at BuffyForums, which you might like to visit after reading the rules below.


The Written is the primary competitive zone, where members can enter their best works on a monthly basis in hope of achieving the coveted 'Fic of the Month' crown, and receive detailed feedback from the Panel.

Jossverse Fiction is where you can find all the fics on the forum based on any of Joss Whedon's shows or movies, and the Other FanFiction section does exactly what it says on the tin: it is where you will find stories based around other shows, movies, or even original works of fiction by our members.

Virtual Seasons is where you will find a number of our members bringing us their own versions of the future of the jossverse, in various incarnations. The Feedback section is where you can leave feedback for our writers if you have enjoyed their work. Each writer has their own dedicated feedback thread, which is opened on their behalf when they have posted four stories or more. The Interactive Fiction is a section of the forum dedicated to roleplaying, and Challenges is another competitive zone.


We have a thread dedicated to fanfiction resources, where you will find a list of good resources for improving your writing skills.

In Desperately Seeking you can post a request for someone to help you with your work, or maybe spot someone else's request for help on a project you'd like to be a part of. Pooling ideas and workload can be enormous fun and highly rewarding.

In the recommendation thread you can tell other members about any outstanding stories you might have come across off-site, while there is also a thread where you can advertise your own latest work.


Before you start posting your work we ask that you read these rules through carefully so you understand exactly how this busy section works.

1. How do I post my fic on the forum?
You need to start a new thread in either the Jossverse or Other Show section of the forum. If you label your story clearly in the title and at the top of the post, it helps readers to know what to expect when they read. Please remember to use proper spelling, grammar and punctuation.

2. How long will my story remain in the main fiction section?
As with discussion threads elsewhere, all fic threads remain in the main section for one month, after which they are moved to the archives. If you have a Work In Progress you haven't updated in a while, you might find that it has been archived. Please don't start a new thread. Simply PM the moderator to have your thread returned to the main section.

4. In the Interactive section you may only have one role play in your name at a time. You can be part of as many as you want, but not start more than one.

5. What is the deal with ratings on stories?
When you start a story you can decide what rating you want it to have based on the content. This isn't necessary except for adult fics, which must have a warning in the title.

To help you determine which rating to use for your story we've included the official descriptions of the ratings used. Here are the ratings:

n/a = if you rather not add one or are not sure.

G = For general audiences (all ages admitted)

PG = Parental guidance suggested (some material may not be suitable for children)

PG-13 = Parents strongly cautioned (some material may be inappropriate for children under 13)

R = Restricted (under 17 requires accompanying parent of an adult guardian)

NC-17 = No one 17 or under admitted.

6. Can we post songs?
Songs and poems can be posted, but please if you have written more than one, don't start a thread for each one.

7. How do I get my own Virtual Season Section?
You need to have written at least five 'episodes' already, which must be of a strong standard, and then post an application or PM the moderator; your work will be read and judged whether good enough (including good writing/grammar style) to be moved to the Virtual Seasons Section.

8. How do I take part in the Challenges?
Anyone may enter the fanfiction challenges. Check the Challenges thread to find out which challenge is currently running, and then get writing. If you are interested in hosting a challenge, check out the Rules and Sign Up thread and PM the moderator to have your name added to the list.